Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Zack is the Only One Who Can Kill Me.

Episode 6

Its flashback time, we get flashbacks and learn a little more about our resident creepy dude.

So my last review actually posted a draft version of it and I’ve only just realised that. So I apologise for that as much as I physically can apologise.

This episode actually didn’t have much more of a flashback then we saw in the last episode, it was much more a ending to what began in Episode 5. Zack watched a scary movie and decided that was how he’d end the lives of the people in charge of him, those that made him bury the bodies that they had left behind. He ended his own abuse in a violent manner, the only manner he actually knew and that is how Zack became Zack.

We did get a little glance at Rachel herself and there is a feeling that a lot of this entire place is actually symbolic more then anything else. Maybe it is trying to open up the minds of the people in there, Cathy damn well made it sound like all of them at some point would have had to make the journey when she wondered why a criminal like Rachel would be able to get this far. There was another scribble on the wall saying that they don’t want a sinners name so she used Zacks, a obvious killer, to open the door leaving hers on the ground, at the same time she tells us that she was in the hospital after seeing someone BEING murdered and the flashback LOOKED as if she walked in on it.

I know that we’ll have to wait a little longer, there is a chance she SAW someone being murdered then joined the murderer, or that the flashback glimpse wasn’t as it seemed. We’ll have to wait and see but it makes you wonder what the true purpose of this place actually is. Why they truly want Rachel to go through all this and how the others even ended up there, on their floors, doing their thing in the first place.

It was a slow episode with a lot of talking in it, Zack going on about how he can’t hold back anymore, Cathy gloating over the two of them, Rachel telling the world that only Zack can kill her…

The ending was important though, with Zack harming himself and losing a lot of blood the question we are left with is whether or not the absolute idiot has killed himself BEFORE he can kill Rachel anyway.

With another psycho down we have a new floor and new problems for Rachel to possibly have to face on her lonesome.


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