Overlord III : Invitation to Death

Chapter 6

“Shide~e no Sasoi” (死出への誘い)

So the attack on Carne Village is over, Ainz test of the village and of his subordinates is over. This obviously means we’re moving onto a new story…

We’re off to Baharuth it seems. Ainz wants to meet with the Royal Mage Fluder Paradyne, there are a Worker Group that have their own problems including one member having a family in debt and wanting to run away with her sisters and then the two Kingdoms of Baharuth and Re-Estize are in two minds about whether or not they should do their annual war with each other.

There is a lot of people arguing amongst themselves and not really listening, wanting to stamp their authority in places that they don’t belong and foreboding for everyone.

If I’m honest whilst I picked up bits and pieces and am still pretty excited for this entire story arch going forward I lost interest in  lot of the speeches and the building of it all. Sometimes these episodes can just be too full of information and that was exactly what was wrong with it, so much sitting around talking about things and trying to read names of new characters and get a feel for them so whilst I’m not disheartened, I’m sure I’ll pick it all up in the coming episodes and will continue to view this season as highly as I do, I also right now don’t really know which part of the story they were building up for the second part of season 3 is the part I’m looking forward too the most.

Not really interested in the guys back in Re-Estize at the moment, I guess the Workers and their mission is probably the most interesting. Also whatever Paradyne is working on is pretty neat, his story seems like one that’ll be interesting going forward.

Overall it was a little bit too much of a information overload for me. Happily the information is pointing to bigger and better things so we won’t have the Lizardman problem.


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