Happy Sugar Life : The Taste of Crime and the Taste of Punishment

5th Life

“Tsumi no Aji, Batsu no Aji” (罪の味、罰の味)

With Shio back home it is time for life with Satou to go back to normal. Or as normal as it can be… Possibly?

Of course there is no rest in this weird old world so whilst Satou is trying to manipulate someone else once more using sex as a tool, Shio is at home still worrying about who her family are and whether or not they love her.

Ghosts of the past haunt both of them, as does the ghost of Taiyo’s past.

I didn’t really get why Satou acted the way she did if I’ve honest with you, it was way over the top for what she had done and to be honest she didn’t have to do it. Telling Sumire that she was in love with her basically to stop her from stalking her wasn’t the best idea, that whole story felt like it was rushed seeing it was only at the end of last episode we saw her sniffing Satou’s clothes. It is another person who will be following Satou around hoping to get abused sexually by her, just like the teacher, and at the moment it is all getting a bit much don’t you think?

By the end of the series it won’t be a path of dead bodies that lead to Satou and Shio it’ll be a load of perverts wanting her to feel them up or stamp on their dicks, like honestly I get that her looks seem to be her biggest weapon but it seems a over reaction to what she heard to just pounce on the girl and a even bigger over reaction to act like that was her biggest crime and not the entire gouging out of eyes that has happened beforehand.

I do get it though.

Obviously none of the characters in this series are in a decent state of mind and for Satou her one motivating factor is her love for Shio so she kind of tarred that by giving someone else the idea that she might love them. It kind of kicked Shio out of her slump for a moment but I don’t really know what to make of it. I mean we can’t have that story line swept under the rug, a girl doing her best to BE Satou then finding out that Satou “loves” her is going to make the situation worse then before. She wanted to see what kind of home life Satou lives in, well now she’ll want to BE in that home life. I don’t really see how Satou thinks she’s solved that problem, then again she never thinks straight so its not really that big a thing I guess.

Yeah. I guess.

As for her friend Shouko, well she’s had a run in with Taiyo that has now given her the news that Satou has kidnapped Shio. Thing is at this present moment she doesn’t really know what to believe, she’s just been in the bedroom of a guy that has plastered his walls with pictures of a missing kid and wants to kidnap her from the person he thinks has kidnapped her… She’s known Satou for longer so obviously isn’t going to fully believe Taiyo at first but we end the episode with her, well not coming face to face, but about to come face to face with Asahi.

It looks like we’ve finally found someone that isn’t a broken mess that might be able to end all this craziness if she so chooses.

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