WoS Episode 7

We had our tag team champions crowned last week, a break up of the Bromance, Hendry finally getting one over on Kirby and all the action we have come to love.

Sorry it is late but here is my review of episode 7.

Winner : Adam Maxted

So Nathan Cruz comes out and asks for the match, the match is already sanctioned and Bennett says that the match will be the opening one. It was a good attempt at telling a story ruined a little by the fact that obviously it was pre-planned, would have been better if Cruz had called out Maxted and the match was next week or something.

Adam Maxted is a great wrestler, do not let anyone tell you differently. He improves every time he steps in the ring, I say this every time I see him whether on WOS or live, and from where he was when I first saw him to now he is a totally different guy. Cruz still managed to make him look even better, the story telling in the match was pretty much on point, Cruz didn’t get much offense in at the beginning of the match and took a nasty looking (in the right way) tumble on the ring ropes followed by a drop kick off them. I didn’t like the shoulder tackle off the ring apron or the fact that it did more harm to Maxted then Cruz even though MAYBE technically it should. It just looked silly.

ITV is hardly going to let people do massive Ladder spots so it was a pretty bog standard affair but one with enough drama of “will he make it to the top or not” to give people who don’t watch much wrestling a taste for what drama CAN be had in this type of match. A fantastic opener and actually one of my favourite WOS matches so far.

For me, as a cynical life long wrestling fan, it was obvious that Maxted was never gonna lose a match that the bad guy asked for that meant one of them would have to leave the show, I hope it is just part of a story and Cruz comes back because he’s a immense talent for WOS and I don’t see them just not using him anymore. These two deserved a little more time to tell this story, it should have ended with the ladder match in my opinion, but I think it was really good for the little build up it had. Cruz freaking out after the match was perfect.

Really loved the match.


Absolutely fantastic short promo, he is apparently going to come and rule the country at some point. Didn’t know WOS had that option but happy to support our new King of Wrestling in the UK.


From a fantastic short promo to something that didn’t need the wrestler that was in it to be in it. Sysum gets his hands on Rampage IN a tag team match with Hendry, he didn’t say anything or was even capable of reacting to anything but meh. It happened. The match is happening.

Winner : Kidd/Slater/Robbie… Kinda

Well it was a four way match but as you can guess Kidd, Slater and Robbie joined forces to try and take down Crater.

It was a very well thought out match. The story of which was to take out Crater and then give the audience a show, they did that and it was fantastic. It was much shorter then maybe it needed to be but they still managed to do all they needed in it. The suicide dive spot was fantastic and took Crater out till near the end, then the three of them taking down Crater and going for a joint pin was brilliant.

The crowd are very obviously behind Robbie X, whether it is because they were told to be or they just love him I don’t know, but he became the object of Craters anger after the match when he took the three down when they were waiting to hear who OFFICIALLY won the match and tried to take off his mask. Obviously as his former tag team partner it’ll be interesting to see if they have them face each other, don’t understand why Slater and Kidd’s stories would have been ended by this but meh.

Great match.

Winner : Martin Kirby

A interesting match up I guess. I do love Grado though, he is a guilty pleasure that can’t be helped. I do feel sad that ITV didn’t fork out for Madonna though because I love watching people singing along to Like a Prayer.

Fun match as you’d expect. Perfect spot on the card too, just before the main event and after two fantastic matches. It took the speed down a whole bunch and let the crowd get behind the underdog Grado. Kirby is the perfect guy to face Grado as he is just as ridiculous as Grado when he wants to be and the match was just really… fun.

The toothbrush bit… Just the best.

Kirby got the win with his foot on the ropes as he did with Hendry which I guess means we’ll get a rematch at some point.

Winners : Joe Hendry & Justin Sysum

It was good. It was a decent main event and did what it had to do I guess. Sysum was in the ring way too much, he managed to be the guy that needed the hot tag AND the ACTUAL hot tag all in one breath, didn’t give Hendry much to do because he dominated his teams time in the ring. Rampage looked stupid and completely weak in comparison…

It just doesn’t do anything for me at all.

Rampage is a beast that doesn’t really need goons to do his handiwork and even a die hard Sysum fan can’t really believe he is pound for pound even the best good guy on the roster let alone the UK. The story isn’t working and it made a match with Joe Hendry in it nearly unwatchable for me.

A bit of a shame really.


A really strong show with some great matches on it. Really loved the opener, honestly one of the best matches WOS have had on it. Nathan Cruz is truly a gift and Maxted showed that he is ready to be pushed to the moon and back in WOS if they are given another season.

All the matches were decent and above average, some stories were told but it felt like a bit of a throw away episode if I’m honest. Good but forgettable.

Commentating has gotten a lot better, love the team at the moment and Val truly is the strongest of all three of them. The joint responsibility of being on commentary and being GM for Bennett is wonderful and I think overall the three of them make the show so much better. Would still replace Shane if I’m being honest but I think they are showing signs of true chemistry.

The security guard getting more offence on Crater then any wrestler so far made my day though. It just made me laugh, the guy literally was able to save Robbie X from him. I wonder if he is a wrestler or if he’ll come back. Just a moment I loved.

Next week looks epic with the entire size DOES matter thing. All three matches announced look epic and really can’t wait.

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