Week 36 : Why do humans often associate beauty with morality?

Sorry that the question is a day late, after a hard week Anna just couldn’t edit anything yesterday so you will see a few more posts from some of us not so often seen posters in the next few weeks trying to fill in some gaps for her.

As for the question it wasn’t something I thought about until I had to think about it and it is true. The face of beauty tends to be seen as the pure one whilst the face of the ugly usually depicts the evils in the world but why is that?

I guess it is due to innocence.

Children tend to be cute no matter what they look like. You look at a kid and don’t really think of them as being ugly. Their features aren’t yet defined and they just look innocent when in reality a lot of kids act like a demon most of the time.

It is the same I guess with beauty.

It is seen as being pure. People like to look at beautiful things and because looking at something, that to you is beautiful, makes you happy you don’t tend to relate bad things to it. If you look upon someone as being beautiful and they make you smile just to look at them you wouldn’t imagine the horrors of the world being able to be performed by them.

Thus they become a moral standard based on nothing more then a chemical reaction in your brain.

It is a dangerous thing though and one I feel society has fallen into.

A beautiful person is much more likely to get off of some crimes because they are good looking and people see their looks before taking their actions into consideration. You hear it a lot when people argue over who is right or wrong in celebrity break ups and the such “so and so’s fans only defend him/her because they have a crush on him/her” and to a point that can be true. If you see the beauty in them then you will wish them to be better then they maybe are.

It really is just a chemical reaction though and to be fair whilst I do think it probably is a problem in society I don’t think it is one that is pushed that much anymore. Beauty as a whole is a problem that society is pushing, the idea that men and women should look a certain way, airbrushing out models imperfections to make normal people feel they need to model their own looks/bodies to fit into a picture that isn’t even real in itself. I think now people are looking past the skin deep beauty though and whilst some people still try to get the moral high ground based on looks, not necessarily beauty, it is shot down pretty fast now.

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