The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 1

Starring Patrick Dempsey we have the story of a writer standing accused of killing a 15 year old called Nola many years ago and how a former student of his who is suffering from writers block after a hit debut novel has to figure out what happened.

I really enjoyed the episode, I felt like I missed a lot of it and had to go back and re-watch it and my attention hasn’t been so locked into a show since the first season of Broadchurch.

Here we have what looks like a clear cut case. Harry Quebert, played by Patrick Dempsey, had a relationship with a 15 year old years and years ago, she goes missing and her body is found in his back garden in modern times just after a old student of his, Marcus Goldman, had come to visit. Everything that Harry does proves that he seemingly has killed the young girl but obviously for there to be a series based around this story there is much more to learn.

For a start I don’t get why Marcus at the end of the episode burnt the manuscript, the original manuscript, for Quebert’s masterpiece. Whilst I know he was told to do it I really don’t see why he wouldn’t read it. I would read it! See if there is something that would prove one way or the other what he is accused of, especially as the girl was buried with a manuscript of the book too.

Secondly I just don’t get Quebert at all. Nothing about him makes sense to me, I personally do believe that he did it because it seems odd for the underage girl he was going to run away with to be killed and then buried in his garden. I agree with Marcus that it was weird that he would knowingly then get someone to dig up his garden on purpose knowing she was there but at the same time the two months previous when Marcus unearthed the box with photos of him and Nola in it makes you wonder if it just was a burden he had suddenly just couldn’t bear to carry anymore.

Honestly was gripped from beginning to end, thought the acting was superb.

Patrick Dempsey made it so hard to read the character of Quebert and I’m pretty sure that is the point. At times he seems like a decent guy, you have it in your mind all the time that he was also having a affair with a 15 year old and then he just acts… Odd so often that it is hard to see how he could be innocent. He stole the show flitting through being just this normal down to earth guy to being a eccentric so easily. As I said it seems so clear cut so without Dempsey’s performance it could have been a little boring but you are drawn to the character of Quebert and want to know what his relationship with Nola was and what he has or hasn’t done.

That isn’t to take away from Ben Schnetzer who played the former student Marcus, I enjoyed his narration and inner thoughts a lot and found his need to sort out the mystery to be contagious. I’ve never heard of Schnetzer before but he shone brightly in the leading role and his no nonsense approach to asking questions as well as his now sliver of doubt makes him a fascinating character to share this experience with.

Of course Wayne Knight once again pops up in my life as a completely different character that I instantly love. I have to mention him because he very much is a hero of all the people on this blog.

I want to know everything that happened. I want to know more about Nola, more about Quebert and more about Goldman. I want to see if Quebert did it or if there is something even more terrifying going on. I don’t often get very excited about TV shows but this is one I’m extremely excited to watch.


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