Inu x Boku SS : The Real Contract

Episode 3

“Hontō no Keiyaku” (ほんとうの契約)

We were given a glimpse of the danger that could befall the characters in the series in episode 2 but mainly we got to see Ririchiyo start to bond with the people around her especially Soshi and Rensho.

It had a real feel good feeling along with some cool dramatic scenes all inter spaced with brilliant jokes from Rensho.

Its a tale of people having liquids thrown over their heads.

Unfortunately none of those people were Rensho.

It was the episode where Ririchiyo finally decided to open up and accept Soshi after he stood up for her at her schools formal gathering. He threw water over two boys who seemed to stalk her just to bitch about her, because obviously she couldn’t just be top student on merit it had to be because of her family.

I didn’t really get the need to have Soshi kissing someone or the whole story of someone falling in love with him and promising to leave him alone if he kissed her. It probably was meant to show that Ririchiyo got jealous but it just kind of felt poorly thought out. Again for me it doesn’t show jealousy it shows conditioning of a kid into believing that she has to have these feelings for someone who is obsessed with her. It is still just as creepy as it was in the last episode but even more so.

Again I don’t get romance though. I’m the kind of person that see’s the people who make big public speeches about being in love as creepers, after all its then the person being declared at that is a ass hole if they dare disagree no matter how unnerving it might be for them.

Personally though I do like Ririchiyo, she’s a well thought out character with a mask she’s trying to be rid of but failing. She tries not to open her mouth and say things that will make her unpopular but she just can’t help it and everyone’s eyes are always on her so for the second she takes to feel miserable on her own there is instantly someone there to point out how lonely she is.

Through the whole of the episode you see her struggling to figure out how to socially hold herself, how to interact or come across as confident but not a total bitch. The people she lives with are easier to deal with then normal humans and not just because they are half demon like her but because they are so eccentric. Nobara for example is a ultimate perv so whilst she’s a caring individual deep down, as shown by her being perspective enough to notice that Ririchiyo had trouble sleeping after falling out with Soshi, I don’t think Ririchiyo could ever upset Nobara because she’s just take it as a cute thing a cute girl was doing. Similarly Karuta is just so passive that she grabs Ririchiyo’s hand and runs into the classroom without thinking or listening to Ririchiyo’s protests.


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