Week 35 : What is your definition of Evil

The definition of Evil is :ย profoundly immoral and wicked.

Personally I think there is a little more to it then that though.

For me for a person to be evil there has to be a absolute lack of remorse and a sadistic pleasure in doing something bad. They are people with no morals, no empathy and actually happily carry out the actions themselves.

I don’t think it is helpful to look at groups like the Tories who are idiots who want to help the rich at the expense of the poor and call them evil. They are greedy, look out for themselves and have a lot of negative human aspects but unless they themselves are there taking food literally from the mouths of children I don’t think they are evil.


Because they don’t SEE the consequences of their actions.

It’s like a poor person who steals the wallet from a bypasser to feed their family. They don’t know the person they just stole from, they don’t know if that person’s only money was in that wallet or anything else. They don’t see the consequences of their actions whilst their actions could lead to that person committing suicide or just about anything else horrible in the most extreme cases the person stealing the wallet doesn’t know this. Even if they then read in the papers that someone jumped off a bridge and realised it was the same person they stole from then they are just that step away from the whole thing that even if they feel guilty for stealing the wallet it isn’t that real to them.

That is what a lot of “evil” government people are like.

They put through bills and pass laws that don’t effect them or people they know so as far as they are concerned even if they know it’ll have a negative impact on a group of people they don’t really understand just WHAT impact they have.

Using the word to describe anyone idiot who is just a idiot that has power and does negative things is taking away from truly evil people.

For me you can be born evil as it were, some people are just programmed in such a way that they get turned on by being a horrible person. Serial killers, pedophiles, dictators who really preside over the horrors they put on their people, ass holes who take great pleasure in torturing people under the name of their dictator*, customers who act like they know your job better then you and bitch at you for not putting enough tills on**… They are the truly evil people in this world.



*I always find it fascinating that people look at Hitler as being the most evil of all Nazi’s when I find the people in concentration camps that knew exactly what was happening, still took part in it and then started to actually torture people were much more sick. It’s the same in a lot of things though, you give people power over other people and the real sickos really do shine through. Hitler might have been a lot of things but there were soldiers in those camps that had furniture made out of the skin of people from the camps they were so proud of what they did. Now THAT is evil beyond compare.


** For those who don’t understand jokes of COURSE one of these are a joke. Serial killers can’t help being the way they are.***


*** Yes that was a joke too of course customers aren’t evil. Even if they do come over as being it.


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