World of Sport Episode 6

Over half way now and we have the Tag Team Titles being decided as well as the match I thought would end the season, that being Bulldog Jr vs Ramapge and of course all the drama you’d expect from professional wrestling.

Winner : Rampage

It was a really good opening bout with the Bulldog being able to dominate Rampage in a way that not many others could whilst also being able to keep the goons at ringside at bay a little bit.

Extremely hard hitting match that saw the two just beat each other senseless, probably my favourite Bulldog match I’ve ever seen and it doesn’t surprise me seeing he was so well matched with Rampage. In fact he made Rampage look small in comparison. Just really good.

Hated the ending. Sysum is boring and his match against Rampage was horrible compared to this match. He has to apparently beat both Samuels and CJ Banks to get another title shot at Rampage which means a scrawny, bland and stodgy wrestler is going to beat two much more talented and interesting opponents to have yet another boring match for the title.

Whilst it is nice that Rampage is a fighting champion and has fought the majority of the WOS roster so far it would also be fun to just not have Sysum anywhere near the title picture let alone obviously the guy who is going win the belt.

Winner : Joe Hendry

So one thing I think ITV really need to learn is how to craft a story. If they come back for a season 2 I’d like to see stories properly built and not just match after match of the same kind of thing and then weeks where the two in a feud are just randomly wrestling other people. There is little to no connection sometimes week in and out between wrestlers and their stories.

That being said they did a great job of it with Martin Kirby coming down with a sick note from his mum for hurting his arm in a hair related injury and having the sniffles. It was a perfect bit of story telling but it needs to be something they build every week.

When the match got started it was a fantastic, slow paced and methodical match. Hendry was able to show off all of his talents in a match that very much was perfect for him and his Hendry Lock and not so much for Kirby. To give him credit Kirby owned a giant part of the match and had Hendry down a few times but it was pretty obvious Hendry would walk out of the match winner being the submission based wrestler, the story that got there was perfectly told though.

Winners : Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees

Another hugely strong match. Both teams work really well together, both have great chemistry against each other and whilst I’ve felt the tournament has been a bit all over the place it FELT like a final that both teams were focused on winning to be the new WOS Tag Team Champions.

Not surprisingly the big part of the match saw Rees and Sabian taking out Maxted and stopping him from getting the tag to Cruz. When Cruz was in the ring he stole the show, he’s just so good and so fluid, there was a beautiful moment when he had Sabian on the ropes and there was a tag that Cruz didn’t see and it was just a wonderful moment kind of ruined by the fact that instead of using the moment of confusion to his advantage Rees just casually walked into the ring.

Fantastically messy end with lots of tags, Sabian taking Cruz out of the match, a missed high risk move by Maxted that lead to Rees and Sabian winning.

Now lets beef up the tag team division a little bit with actual tag teams.

Also Team Bromance broke up which is heartbreaking and amazing all at the same time.

Winner : Justin Sysum

It wasn’t a bad match but I also had little to no interest in it. To keep the story of the underdog going they had to have Sysum win and he beat two wrestlers I thought were much better.

Sad times but at the same time I get it. It isn’t the story on the show aimed at me.

Sysum gets the victory, Samuels and Banks can go back to being goons for a bit, most people go home happy.

Credit to Sha Samuels for being one of the best parts of WOS every single week though. Guy could do so much more if he wasn’t just a goon for Rampage, the guy is great on the mic, in the ring and doing just about anything. Love him a lot.


It was the best show to date. Brilliant matches up and down the card, interesting stories even if they need work on how to develop them. This is the episode where you can just see how much the entire show is oozing in potential that just getting the interest from a casual audience will hopefully inspire the people in charge to craft into something more in the future.

Next weeks show looks even better.

I can’t help but be blunt about my dislike and disinterest in Sysum. His style, gimmick and just entire presentation isn’t for me. Never was. He bores me and just comes across as the worst pick to be the good guy fighting the good fight against evil in WOS. When you have hunks like Maxted and Rees, both who are 10 times better in the ring, someone who is just naturally more talented and such a pleasure to watch like Cruz, big bruisers like Bulldog and Hendry it makes you wonder why Sysum was the one they went for.

Oh well.

Best show by far and just wonderful to see some decent moments for Hendry and Cruz.

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