Inu x Boku SS : A Lonely Dog

Episode 2

“Samishigariya no Inu” (淋しがり屋の犬)

The first episode was pretty decent so I’m looking kind of looking forward to the next one. I guess its the characters I’m watching for more then anythign else.

Its the sound effects with Rensho and just the stupidity of him and the fact he’s a floating piece of cloth that makes him my favourite. I mean Anna was blinded by him being a Ittan-moment but he is pretty cool and I liked that he was in the episode a lot more. He very much feels like the inner voice of Ririchiyo that she is still trying to stifle, maybe because he knows her better then she does.

Him getting Soshi to call him big brother was hilarious as was when he decided to look for the missing Karuta by flying in the air and he told Ririchiyo not to worry because if someone see’s him he’ll just pretend to be paper flying in the air.

Ririchiyo’s relationship with Soshi is interesting in its way. There seems to be a lot of mystery in Ririchiyo’s eyes surrounding what Soshi is saying to her. She can’t remember him but he obviously knows her and has some kind of information on her and a past that involved him. I mean I fully believe she wants to get closer to people anyway, I think her isolated thing is more protection for her so I think its natural that slowly those closest to her which will be Soshi and Rensho are the ones that she reaches out to. Instantly though she needs to get closer to Soshi to find out what it is that he’s going on about.

I wonder if she just outright asked him what the hell he’s talking about if he’d answer her, he’s very much like that dog off of Up! that seems to talk in circles, he doesn’t really answer her in any way other then to tell her how devoted he is to her and how wonderful she is.

Personally this is where I suffer from a unromantic view on life.

THAT is not love.

That is stupid obsession due to as he puts it her saving his life. Regardless of what her feelings could or might be in a way he’s put her in a slow cooker to grow into what he wants. Whether he wants a romantic relationship or not I don’t know but she isn’t going to fall in love with him because of who he is, she’s falling in love with someone who is devoted to her in a over the top way. It isn’t healthy or romantic its actually pretty cruel to her and creepy in a way.

Her relationship with Rensho on the other hand is my favourite thing. It really is a big brother/little sister thing and I love their scenes together more then anything. They match so well and even Rensho and Soshi work better together then Ririchiyo and Soshi.

I like the look of the other characters as well but at the moment Rensho is the glue holding it together for me, not that its a bad show or anything but because he enhances my enjoyment just by being there.

Him getting the phone out in Ittan-momen form and Soshi exclaming “trust big brother to have a secret pocket” or whatever it was he said actually made me laugh out loud which is a rare thing to happen.


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