Week 34 : Is the preservation of culture a good reason to limit immigration?

Every nation has its own culture, all rich with a history that has its ups and downs. Every culture is different but does immigration really have a impact on it?

I don’t think it is a good reason to limit immigration.

In this day and age people are just connected, all the time, by the internet and news and everything else. Our modern culture, whilst still having our own flavours of home mixed in, are becoming more and more universal because of our habits as humans.

My OH plays Fornite and games like that online, he’ll talk to people the world over who use the same language, react the same way and insult the same way as he does.

THAT is our modern culture.

A culture of video gamers, celeb gossipers and people being outraged for the sake of being outraged….

OK so that is a bit of a overstatement but you get what I mean right?

Our home cultures that make us… Well… Us… Have all been labelled, brought into fashion and picked apart to find all the negative parts online for the last decade. It is now a complete no go to show any kind of interest, passion or love for someone else’s culture just in case we upset someone who isn’t even from that culture themselves.

But youngsters don’t CARE about these things and they want to mingle and be like their friends and us telling them “no, you can’t do that because it isn’t in our culture” is just telling kids mingling with someone else is a poor decision. We grow as a community by adding new things to who we are and bringing in different people from different backgrounds not only makes us as a group evolve but will ultimately, hopefully, help them evolve.

In other words I think blocking immigration because we are worried that it’ll effect our “culture” isΒ  used as a way to worry people who might not really understand what that even means, make the people immigrating sound like boogeymen who are going to come and destroy our every day lives and in just racist and pathetic in every means you can imagine.

Our culture changes generation by generation and people trying to safe guard everyone’s little tiny boxes so that we don’t mingle is what is wrong with the world. Cultures colliding, two ideas being brought together is what human life is about and the faster we get rid of the notion that we should be like this and others should either live like that too or leave us alone is gone the faster we become better humans.

No culture should be lost but it will be if you don’t let them grow as well.


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