My Life as a Playlist Week 34

Yes I know, I know. Not only did the streak end but week 33 just didn’t happen. In fact recently nothing has been happening and its a mixture of depression, anxiety, hard work and being in so much pain that if I’m not at work being forced to be awake I’m at home either crying in pain or napping to get away from the pain.

I don’t really want to dwell on the pain and the crying right now, some terrible news was passed to me today which I don’t have the time to really digest right now seeing I still have two more days of work so a complete cop out week is in order.

Remember I did that ridiculous blog with my childhood songs? Well here are four, only four I promise, from my actual CHILD childhood that mean nothing personally other then being things I listened too before I was old enough to know better or have much choice. I’ll hope to have a blog out latter in the week explaining everything. At least by Thursday.

Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz

Such a chill song and not something even back then I think I would have really listened to on choice but with all the school disco’s and the like blaring it out of the speakers it is a song that I just kinda got used to always being played and kinda enjoyed it.

Of course for me Lenny Kravitz will forever be remember as Cinna more then anything else. Sometimes I have to remember that this is his song because I just know him as Cinna now.

Wonderwall – Oasis

It hurts to put this one in because I was such a huge Blur fan and only liked a couple Oasis songs but you are kidding yourself if Wonderwall wasn’t just THE song for the majority of your childhood.

Everyone I know knows the lyrics, everyone loves it. Plus the video was deadly cool. I love Blur to pieces but Wonderwall is probably one of the best songs ever, I mean personally my favourite song ever is Common People by Pulp but this is close to it.

Butterfly – Crazy Town

Again another song you’d be lying to me if you are my age and didn’t know the entire song by heart as a kid.

I mean I don’t know anyone now of any age that doesn’t. When it comes on at work no matter who is in it is one of the only songs that has everyone singing along to it. Plus it had one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen. I really liked Crazy Town in general as well, good band.

Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden

Savage Garden are one of my most favourite bands and Truly Madly Deeply is a song I hate but love. I hate it because like the whole thing would never happen to me but it’s such a lovely song.


And that is your lot.

It isn’t great but I’d like to point out, with my current physical and mental health problems I have been writing this blog, yes this entire thing, since 5pm. It has taken me this long to just put the little I have done into words. Mental health problems are tiring and motivation killing, I’ve tried so hard but obviously right now I just can’t.

Again I hope to write something later in the week explaining everything.

2 thoughts on “My Life as a Playlist Week 34”

    1. Apparently it is the top played 90s song on Spotify which kinda says it all! It really is a song nearly everyone will know, plus I’m not even sure Noel knows what the song is about the way he goes on about it sometimes haha!

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