WOS Episode 5

At the halfway mark and this weeks show looks to be the most action packed so far!

Winners : Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees

Sabian and Rees started the match perfectly by attacking Gunn and Stevie from behind whilst they were posing in the ring, their advantage didn’t last long though and the match suddenly showcased the wonderful chemistry of Gunn and Stevie.

Another week with another strong opening match, kind of sad these two weren’t the final match but it was a fantastic match all the same. Both teams are well oiled machines who cut the ring in half and kept the tags coming fast. Both teams shone as well which is the best thing.

Good win for Sabian and Rees.


I. Am. In. Love. With. That. Bromance!

Honestly it is the sweetest thing. They need more backstage stuff but I’m happy that they do have these little moments when they do. They are adorable together.


Again nice to see them talking to the wrestlers and giving them mic time. Kid is all bandaged up “feeling the effects” of his match with Crater. Nice little moment with Kidd, specially as he really is a guy that young kids could get behind if they keep showcasing him. He has the look and the personality.

Winner : Crater

I like that they had Kidd and Slater just wrestle each other with Crater watching on, it meant that we actually got a really decent wrestling match before we got Crater in the ring.

It is nice that Slater and Kidd got to show off a little and even get to see them double team Crater, it builds a nice story with Kidd possibly finding a partner to bring down the giant Crater in Slater. Not a huge fan of squash matches though I get why they happen, I like Strowman in WWE more because they let him do random stuff backstage to prove he’s a monster and don’t just always have him kill people, I dunno I don’t really like Crater much and hope there is a pay off for at least Kidd more then anyone else and he gets a win over the big guy any way they’d like to give him it.

Winners : Nathan Cruz & Adam Maxted

This match was perfect for what it had to be.

We got to see Maxted and Cruz shine as a team and built them up as a loose cannon threat to Sabian and Rees, it showed off Bulldog Jr once more whilst building that storyline between Grado and Bennett with Bennett just shitting on everything Grado did and spending the entire match insulting him.

It wasn’t the most thrilling of matches if I’m honest, I missed the ending because replying to a friend was more interesting then watching the match but I got what it was doing and happy that Cruz and Maxted will be in the finals.

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

A rather small Battle Royal but a Battle Royal none the less. Nice to see two new faces, well… One new face. I understand though that the entire roster is gonna be much smaller for a show like this but it is nice that there are at least a few faces there instead of just the three it looked like there would be.

The match itself was a standard Battle Royal with the standard set pieces, the unmovable monster, the face off between the two big dogs in the ring, quick eliminations, some really cool looking ones and it isn’t really surprising that KLR won seeing that she hasn’t had the belt long.

Great main event and amazing to see the women being used so well. KLR and Viper has to be the end game for the season with maybe a Viper win?

Can’t wait to see.


Again a fantastic show.

It does everything it needs to and does it well. You have the entertainment for kids who probably aren’t interested in the actual wrestling but the story telling, the characters like Grado and Crater, the more, for lack of a better word, relatable characters in people like Kidd and for girls getting into wrestling seeing the women not only get decent air time but main eventing and being talked about in such a positive light can’t be anything but good.

Whilst the wrestling can’t be 5 star classics it does what it needs to do. We DO get to see decent wrestling from some of the UKs top talent, it was never going to be edgy or over the top it was always going to be paint by numbers and easy to watch. Better editing will help it greatly but what we get is perfectly fine for a 5pm show for families.

Loving getting to see guys like Cruz, Maxted, Slater and Hendry on my TV on a Saturday night! Honestly sad we’re half way to the end.

Only negative is that there doesn’t seem to be a true build to anyone other then Sysum beating Rampage. Personally don’t see what anyone else see’s in Sysum so for me this story is going to have a very weak ending, the reason I mention it is because I thought in the end they’d stick the belt on Bulldog Jr and have him bulldozer his way forward in the second half of the season but they are giving him a random match for the title next week so… Yeah he’ll lose that and obviously Sysum will be the end game.

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