WOS Episode 4

(I know this is super late so I’m releasing it with no pomp or circumstance… I will probably explain in my Playlist blog tomorrow…)

Winner : No Contest

A pretty brilliant match but then again it is Kay Lee Ray and Bea Priestley. I mean I’m not a huge KLR fan but I think these two work pretty well together or at least they did this time and I can’t remember ever saying otherwise.

Priestley is just amazing though.

Very good match to start the night off but it ended in no contest when Viper got involved. Whilst it was sad it was also amazing because it showed that WOS is interested in building good stories with the women as it is with the guys, great ending to a good match and a decent match made for the week after.


So Bennett gives Grado one more chance telling him that he has to find a partner for the tag team tournament. Loving this story between the two of them, hoping Grado doesn’t win it all because he really DOESN’T need a title but at the same time it makes no sense that Bennett was down one tag team for the tournament, surely they would have known that from the beginning. Also sad that the last tag spot is being taken by another non-team team.

Winner : Will Ospreay

Pretty good match, Ospreay got to do his thing, Kirby did his and the styles and characters worked well together.

I dunno it feels like when they roll out Ospreay it is for a showcase rather then a match you should feel emotionally attached too which is fine, it is always great to see Ospreay fly around the place, but you don’t get the feeling that him winning or losing is important or will lead to anything so you… Well not caring is the wrong thing to say but you don’t get involved as much.

Was a good match though, some really cool moves and false finishes. Sad there was no interference from Hendry, I know he’s the good guy but him coming down to do just about anything could have built up the story of him and Kirby and him being on TV is just needed.

Winners : Grado & Bulldog JR

This is what I’ve meant all along by it being a shame that they didn’t bring in proper tag teams. I get that putting Crater in a match with Grado and Bulldog Jr is good for building drama and showing off Bulldog Jr but who the hell really thought a random team of a monster like Crater and a actually really decent high flyer like Robbie X was going to go and win the belts?

They are building Crater to be a monster in WOS….

Then stick him in a tag team.

It was the match it needed to be. Fell off my chair laughing with Grado just dying to Crater, enjoyed the comedy moments, loved the crazy yet fantastic moves from Robbie X and it once more built Bulldog Jr to be every bit the British hero his dad was.

Good match for what it was. Strangely I am happy that Grado and Bulldog went through.


Sha Samuels being the mouth piece is the best thing for this team. Honestly the best personalty for WOS. Never thought there was any problem with Rampage on the mic from the little I’ve seen but I think they’ve done the right thing in their direction for him to make him the silent partner and having a gobby little shit like Samuels do the talking for him whilst his wrestling in the ring does all the real talking.

Winner : Justin Sysum

So yeah… They are truly behind Sysum aren’t they? I don’t get why. I really don’t get him and it is sad that a considerably better wrestler and considerably more charismatic wrestler were beaten so we can give Sysum ANOTHER chance at the title.

Not sure of the point of having Maxted down for the match just for Cruz to say he’ll do it instead, I guess there is a story to be told when they lose the tag tournament in Cruz trying to steal the spotlight from the “more attractive” newer guy. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

I haven’t talked about the match?

Because I don’t want to think about it. I mean Sysum won.


Story wise it was strong for the most part and I guess I might if I squint and look sideways see why they are pushing someone who comes out in a cape and… Apparently… Looks nice being the main threat to Rampage but whatever.

Apart from that the night was a good one like always, some great matches, good moments for the kids and family members who don’t like wrestling and the commentary has really improved to the point that on a weekly basis they really help build stories, build tension and get the characters and the history of these wrestlers through to fans who never would have seen them before and if it wasn’t for WOS might never have known they existed.

I’m just a little deflated by the Sysum stuff to be fair.

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