Inu x Boku SS : The Dog and Me

Episode 1

“Inu to Boku” (いぬとぼく)

As requested by LitoKino I will be reviewing Inu x Boku SS weekly.

It isn’t the kind of show that I personally would have watched after reading the tags and descriptions of it. The comedy and underlying romance feels to the episode isn’t really something that I watch and especially the ending of the episode it came over as much more a Anna show then a me show.

Looking at the bits I do like Ririchiyo is a very interesting character, her story of being picked on and kind of making up a sarcastic and isolated mask to hide behind gives her a lot of plus points for me. Whilst it became obvious that there will be romance between her and Soshi it doesn’t feel like that is the most important thing that will happen with her. She wants to open herself up more and it feels like being there is going to do that which I can get behind.

Rensho was instantly Anna’s favourite character because of her obsession with Ittan-momen but I have to admit I liked his comedy timing and how he just kind of made the episode feel more relaxed. His lazy style, laid back attitude and even the way he was animated as a Ittan-momen brings to mind sidekick comedy characters from like Disney movies, or Flounder mainly Flounder, that can be serious when needs be but mainly are there to observe and relax the pace and tension in episodes.

By the end of the episode there is no real mystery hanging over things. During the episode there was a lot of hints to the characters not being what they seemed but that all played out and we got to see what was hiding behind the surface. They are all humans with demon blood running through them. As I said Rensho as a Ittan-momen was Anna’s favourite and I found it pretty funny, the Gashadokuro was my favourite, when she disappeared I was hoping for a Nuppeppo, I don’t know why, but when the guy ran up the stairs and found the giant skeleton I actually got excited for a bit.

It was a decent first episode I can’t fault it at all. I’m not sure its going to be a show that I honestly love but it isn’t going to annoy the hell out of me either. It very much depends I guess on where the story goes and what becomes the main focus of it.

When the burglar broke in they said that they attract full blooded monsters/demons so I guess they have a lot more to be worried about then humans which will be interesting if its part of the story. If it becomes a bit of a trap door situation I’m all for it, if it plays no part then I guess I’ll just be watching a season of cutesy, funny romance.

Either way its OK.

One thought on “Inu x Boku SS : The Dog and Me”

  1. This one very much settles into slice of life antics rather than anything mysterious. And while I quite enjoyed aspects of it, there’s some pretty annoying parts to it too. Still, I really enjoy Ririchiyo and Miketsukami so I have happily watched this show multiple times now.

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