Week 33 : If you can travel back in time, can you kill your earlier self?

To be honest the answer is very obviously no and here is why…

The time paradox, butterfly effect, whatever you want to call it it’ll happen.

How could you exist to kill yourself if you travel back in time to kill yourself? A future you would not exist if you kill a past you therefore a past you will have never lead the life it did to get to where you are now to kill yourself.

From what I believe of a time paradox the actual event of killing your past self can physically be done but it would then alter everything and in reality it would just never have happened because unlike a world where you swing back in time to have sex with your mum and create yourself this is a act that can only be done once and once it is done you are replaced with someone else leading a different line.

I guess then the answer actually is yes BUT its bloody stupid and you could end up making the world implode if you did.


One thought on “Week 33 : If you can travel back in time, can you kill your earlier self?”

  1. Wouldn’t that depend on whether or not there is a single reality or whether changes in the past result in splitting off or multiple realities. Where in one you age and go back to kill yourself and in another you simply were killed by an older version of yourself setting the world on a different path from there forward.
    Still a stupid thing to do mind you because if your objective is for you to be dead the older you would still need to die.

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