Let’s Talk… Joe Hendry

So we have been trying and trying to get the Let’s Talk series started and there is one person, ONE person, that I’ve been dying to tell the world why he’s so great and that is the Prestigious One, the Local Hero, the one and only Joe Hendry.

I am a huge fan of Joe Hendry, which seems a obvious statement to make when I’m writing a essay about the man, and I’m a fan for good reason.

Hendry is a entertainer all round, he isn’t just a good wrestler, he isn’t just good on the mic and even away from wrestling he keeps fans engaged and entertained through his chat shows and streaming, his Twitch streams giving me 100 more reasons to be a fan of his on a list that was already long enough. The guy can do anything.

He sings, he wrestles, he plays Sonic and he talks a hell of a lot.

For me no matter how bad DEFIANT wrestling got the one light at the end of everything was whatever the hell Joe Hendry was doing. 5 Star Wrestling never really appealed to me, it was too long and most of the time it made little to no sense but listening to Hendry on commentary was a delight. Having Hendry on a show for me elevates it so much more then you can imagine because the man can literally be whatever you need him to be.

Cocky bad guy?

Easy, with his wonderful Prestigious group in WCPW/DEFIANT, the wonderful Joe Hendry Show moments where he was just the worlds biggest pain in the butt to being a weasel running away when things got tough. He played the part perfectly.

Absolute asshole?

Again he does it with ease, the turn on Angle, the difficult to watch match with Kirby. When he needs to be a bad ass he can leave you speechless with his bad attitude and ability to hit people exactly where it hurts.

Lovable underdog?

That was how I first saw him on WCPW. The guy who was always on the brink of breaking out but never really got there, kind of always in the shadow of Joseph Connors, a likeable fool who you really rooted for because you just felt like when the stars aligned he’d be right at the top of the pile. He’s got one of those faces that you just look at, like Sami Zayn, and go “please people in charge just make him happy because he deserves it” its the same face that makes them so punchable when they are being the annoying bad guys too.

Face of a company?

I think he really has been for DEFIANT as a bad guy and if we turn that into a double meaning as a good guy on WOS I think he really could be the face of it along with someone like Rampage. In WOS so far they’ve stayed away from the fun side of Hendry, not really built him as a underdog and just let him go out and show off his immense talent in the ring. With him just being THE good guy to Rampage’s bad guy it actually would really work out well for WOS because Hendry also has the mouth to make it work.

He is charming, funny, arrogant when he needs to be and just fascinating to watch in the ring. He honestly does everything so well that even if he isn’t the best at something, for example I think Gibson has him on the mic because Gibson is pretty untouchable when he starts talking specially as a bad guy and there are plenty more wrestlers out there who probably are better in the ring then him, he’s brilliant enough at everything that everything he does is gold.

I personally loved his run as WCPW champion, whilst I think they should have taken him a little more seriously at times I felt he always ran with what was given to him and made it better then it should have been. WCPW and now DEFIANT have a problem with making stories last and making them interesting through their entire run but Hendry could work with a story even on its last legs and make it bearable. He was easy to boo as the arrogant git that thought just because he held the belt made him untouchable, he had some great matches and a wonderful feud with Kirby whilst being the head of a bunch of extremely talented wrestlers with a story that I felt was wasted completely and turned too silly too fast.

It was honestly the highlight of WCPW when it had started to decline a lot, not so much in match quality but in the love you felt being given to stories and building feuds and characters.

I said above that I’d love to see Hendry built up to be the foil to Rampage. I said in the review for Episode 3 that I don’t really know who they are going to build in that spot, I initially thought maybe Bulldog Jr seeing they had him beat Ospreay in episode 1 but I’m not too sure.

Hendry would be perfect.

You have a athlete that has competed for his country at the Common Wealth games. A man who took on Rampage and was beaten by the numbers more then anything else. Someone who comes down singing his own theme. If they ramped him up, had him start to niggle at Rampage and his group, have him sing a song about them (oh boy do I want more Joe Hendry parody songs) and have him just be that face that gets in the face of Rampage I think WOS would be onto a goldmine.

Cynical fans love Joe Hendry and his taunts. They love to cheer him when he’s being a dick to the bad guys and they love to boo him when he is the bad guy himself. You’d win them over because not only would you have the fun that we let Hendry off having, because lets be honest he’s just fantastic at what he does, but the matches, as Episode 2’s match proved, would be phenomenal. Add in Kirby as a constant thorn in Hendry’s side as well as Rampage’s goons and you have a underdog story to mine from as well, something you could then have the long line of victims of Rampage so far like Sysum come out to aid Hendry in his final push to overthrow the evil bad guy of WOS.

He is just the kind of guy that has something for everyone and in my opinion is one of the highlights of any show he is on. I love that he’s on WOS and that a whole new audience can fall in love with him and his shenanigans because he’s not just a fantastic wrestler but a great human being and a wonderful showman. He has everything that WOS needs, he can play up to whatever crowd he’s in front of and he just deserves this platform to shine.

In other words I’m just a huge Joe Hendry fan and think he deserves to be world champion of everything.

Plus he loves Sonic what more can you ask?

Do you have any favourite Hendry moments? My favourite is probably the Hendry Ball, when he came out to his version of Wrecking Ball. Whenever I’m upset I put it on and it never stops me from laughing. Lets show some love to everyone’s Local Hero.


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