WOS Episode 3

Once again due to work, being knackered and in a lot of pain I am so behind on WoS but here is my review of episode 3 and hopefully I’ll be watching episode 4 live tomorrow as I’m not working (well I am in the morning.)


Really enjoyed this segment that lead to a match for Grado. I think Grado is very much needed for WOS, I know that the cynical fans around me don’t think so, they want a more pure wrestling show to go out to show what British Wrestling’s nitty gritty world is really like, but as Maffew from Botchamania said on the Cultaholic podcast this is like a gateway into that world and Grado IS a great performer for a family friendly show. Kids love Grado, kids get into wrestling, kids go to local shows with their parents and fall in love with other wrestlers and the things that us cynical old farts love but you don’t get there unless you have a Grado to really make them fall in love with wrestling.

I’ve seen it first hand at local shows where kids who aren’t really that into wrestling just fell in love with a company because they first fell in love with Grado (or Jason King… Many a young fan has been so caught up in boo-ing Jason King that they’ve become full blown cynical old farts without knowing.)

Him vs Bennett is a great story for him, he doesn’t need a title shot he doesn’t need a belt he just needs to be the person that gives Bennett his comeuppance.

Winner : Grado

Great match from top to bottom.

Everyone by now knows Grado as a character, it was a great story for Grado going from trying to be serious to stripping off and becoming the Grado we all know and love but it also gave Samuels his chance to shine not only as a overall amazing wrestler but as a great mouthpiece when he stood toe-to-toe with everyone’s favourite idiot (said in the most loving way of course) Grado in what was a fun little talky piece right at the beginning of the match.

It wasn’t a showcase of two fantastic wrestlers, it wasn’t a squash match or anything special. It highlighted a little of Samuels for those who don’t know him yet, it gave us a brief spell of really good wrestling from Grado and a up yours moment to Bennett and was the perfect way to start the show off.

Fun match, really enjoyed it.

Winner : Martin Kirby

As a DEFIANT fan this is a match that was built up and up and up on DEFIANT TV but in the opposite way. In fact it has been so far since I’ve seen Kirby anywhere BUT DEFIANT that I’ve forgotten just how good he is as a bad guy and vice versa how good Hendry is as a good guy.

Match paid to both of their strengths wrestling wise, they are both giant characters but they didn’t waste time on character moments and had a pretty decent, fun and fast paced match that still managed to get across their own unique characters.

Props to the commentary for really building up the Project Ego side to Kirby though I prefer the Local Hero to Pride of Scotland for Hendry.

After a fantastic match we get a proper dodgy finish with Kirby playing possum a little bit before rolling up Hendry and sticking his feet on the ropes giving him the leverage to get the three count.

What a perfect match to showcase the great talents of both men whilst, if WOS do it right, building up a decent story against the two of them.

Winners : BT Gunn & Stevie Boy

Poor match if I’m honest.

Again it is because I love Tag Team wrestling and there aren’t really any established tag teams in the whole thing. Gunn and Stevie Boy I believe ARE a tag team seeing they came down in matching outfits, something the commentary table went into great lengths about, but they might be the only ones.

Up until now that hasn’t been a terrible thing but this match really felt like getting the tag team over whilst showcasing Banks so that both of Rampage’s goons are now fleshed out decent wrestlers to the home audience with no real thought to match quality whilst doing all this.

Slater… Who is he? Is he a actual wrestler? He was slow and made everything look really awkward and difficult, he didn’t really get much time in the match which was great in hindsight because the little he did he did really badly.

Just a shame when you had this build up of a fun match then a fantastic match to just a poor one overall that didn’t even have any storytelling or anything in it. In fact for a good few minutes we got some gossip on the fact that Kay Lee Ray and Stevie Boy are dating, which was 10 times more interesting then the match itself.

Winner : Crater

Why is Crater a big opportunity?

How is this a match that you would win?

Why are we acting like Kidd isn’t a decent wrestler and needs to be “taught a lesson” by being beaten up by a fat dude in a mask because that is all Crater is being built up as. Bennett did nothing to build him as a unstoppable monster it was “this is his weight, look how big he is, look at this monster because he’s heavy…”

It was just Crater beating the hell out of Kidd with no real wrestling content. They’ve created a monster mainly I guess thanks to the commentators because it was difficult to watch. Not for the reason it would be for probably the actual target audience but because I know that Kidd is so much better then this and I’ve been through the losing streak on WCPW when he was younger and inexperienced but for me he is now just too good to be being squashed, quite literally, by a “monster”.

Fair play to commentating again though for really getting the emotion through. SoCal Val and Alex Shane were actually fantastic in this match. Specially Val.

Winner : Rampage

Well it was a match.

A match with a dodgy finish meaning we might have to endure that match again.

Whilst I GET the Crater stuff, I get that they are building a monster up in the background and seeing that Bennett is so for him I’m guessing he’s going to end up in Grado’s path before long. This plus the tag team match I just don’t get though. Just two bad matches.

I’m not a fan of Sysum at all and I honestly don’t see why others like him. When he was in charge of the match we were meant to believe he was super fast and entertaining when he was actually just a tad slower then Rampage can go, Rampage having to really slow it down in this match to make Sysum look fast, and it all was a bit disjointed. Even when Rampage was in control by that point I just didn’t care.

That is a personal thing though I just can’t watch Sysum without wanting to fall asleep.

With Banks holding onto Sysum’s legs at the end of the match to cause a count out finish right in front of commentary, just like Kirby’s legs being on the ropes right in front of commentary, it being in front of commentary being a big thing because the GM is sat right there, we can only believe that Sysum will get another match with Rampage.

I hope not.

Plus if WOS comes back for another season instead of Mr Boring Sysum if you want a true superhero from the West Country just pick up the English Lion Eddie Ryan. I know some people find him hilarious for some reason but he can be just as boring a character as Sysum if that is what you want, he’s good looking but most importantly, unlike Sysum, he’s bloody interesting to watch in the ring because that boy can wrestle and IS actually pretty damn fast when he wants to be. Plus has one of the nicest German Suplexes in the UK. Just sayin’.


Great opening half, OK squash in the second half but overall brought down by the dreadful tag team and main event.

They aren’t afraid to let the wrestlers go out and have a decent match, I feel it is let down by not getting enough backstage stuff on screen right now. We really could do with a few more interviews and a longer standing feud, Hendry/Kirby could be great, I know its all pretaped so whatever happens happens but what they should do/should have done/whatever is have Hendry on commentary tomorrow for the Kirby match and just build that one up because both are great against each other and they need to build something.

I honestly thought we’d see a build up to the Bulldog Jr being the guy to take down Rampage but he hasn’t been seen since episode 1 so I don’t think that is going to happen. I don’t want to see Grado, I really think his story will be to face Crater and somehow out maneuver the big monster to beat him much to Bennett’s anger, Grado vs Bennett is where I want to see him. Therefore in my opinion there isn’t really anyone being built up to take on Rampage to beat him for the title. We aren’t even half way through so we’ll see what the second half of the season brings.

Still enjoying it though, to those people who asked if the quality of the show is shown in how long it takes me to watch it that isn’t it at all. I have severe depression, most days I’m waking up at 3am to start work at 5am (not complaining because it is the shift I’d rather do but I also can’t physically get to sleep earlier then about 11pm) and I just find it hard to motivate myself to do certain things. I enjoy WOS but I know if I’m in a mood or too tired I won’t concentrate and won’t enjoy it as much, its the same as things I REALLY enjoy and things I love. The quality of the show is pretty high, it isn’t what us hardened wrestling fans want sure but it is what is needed. Haven’t been keeping up with its ratings or anything but I hope it is doing well and that ITV want to bring it back and that it does open the door to not only kids who will fall in love with wrestling but people who might never have given it a chance before.

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