Overlord III : Two Leaders

Chapter 5

“Futari no Shidō-sha” (二人の指導者)

Lupisregina has asked permission to engage in battle, a battle that very much is a test from Ainz to her. Will she pass or fail?

I can’t really see her fail to be honest.

Another really great episode.

Obviously the attack on the village is planned by Ainz to test to see if Lupisregina will protect Nfirea and Enri or if she didn’t see the point in it. As he gave her only three things to do, protect them two and Izzy, it was hard to see how she’d fail to be honest. It honestly made the dramatic stand off between Nfirea and the Troll a little less dramatic because you knew at the last minute Lupisregina would show up.

It did show off just how smart Enri is and gave Nfirea the chance to confess his love for Enri as well which was adorable. Also the act of him fighting a troll for her and the village wasn’t lost on me just because I felt some of the drama was lost, he didn’t know that Lupisregina would save him so the act was still impactful.

As well as that we got to see the Goblins and Villagers actually be able to defend their own village which obviously is going to be a confidence boost to the village itself, the top Goblin got the magic sword the Giant of the East had which is just going to power him up something that Ainz said in the last episode. It was a great advantage and power boost to that village which makes Ainz even stronger.

When he had Nemu and the others in the palace at the end it was so fun, I loved seeing him with the kid just acting like a big kid himself. Enri being all worried that Nemu was being rude and him just being all “nah its OK” was great.

Not got much more to say about it really. Just a good strong episode that did what it needed to do to develop the entirety of Carne Village as well as showing that Lupisregina can follow orders even if she doesn’t see the point in them.

Plus we got the romantic moments with Enri and Nfirea that we’ve been waiting for.

Too cute.


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