Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : I Swear to God

Episode 3

So we’ve met Isaac, call me Zack, from floor one, floor two saw the eye crazy Doctor Daniel being killed and floor three was all about poor little grave digging Eddie.

Well we find out his name is Eddie in this episode anyway.

If he wasn’t so deranged I’d find him quite sweet, he had fallen in love with Rachel for whatever reason he’s decreed and decided to dig the perfect grave for her, the grave stone that Zack destroyed the episode before was for her as is a beautiful grave in the back of his floor that he ends up being left for dead in after Zack finally wins the battle of who will kill Rachel.

To be honest it was a bit of a pointless episode. Whilst the one before was pretty fun to watch this one was just two guys fighting over who gets to kill one person and Rachel herself deciding because Zack swore to god he’d kill her for some reason that meant more to her then anything else and whilst Eddie would have done the deed right there for her she’s going to follow Zack until she’s fulfilled her usefulness to him and then let him kill her.

I mean if you really want to die you’d just go out of your way to die, you wouldn’t sit there being all miserable about it and then choosing to follow some guy around for ages on end in the hope that he really meant he’d kill you later on.

Specially as he’s already said a bunch of times he doesn’t want to kill her when she’s got such a boring look in her eyes.

It made no sense really then why she helped him defeat Eddie when she could have ended up dead on his floor instead.

Of course I loved Eddie and Zack interacting and its one thing I hate about them killing off the characters as they go along, whilst it was nice and gruesome and gives a finality to the floor that I guess is carried over from the game version of it I find myself sad that there isn’t going to be a later confrontation between Zack and any of these people as he’s just killed them off.

Also I’m still confused why you wouldn’t lock yourself in that room of records and keep reading all of them till you knew everything about everyone. I would LOVE to be in that room but Rachel just casually walked through it in this episode which made me hate her enough to want her to be dead.

The opening makes it clear that the next murdering psycho is going to be a female so I’ll be interested in seeing what her whole thing is. I like Eddie and Daniel pretty much the same amount, I loved the craziness of Daniel and found Eddie sweet in his way. Both of their floors have had the right amount of creepiness and intrigue to keep me hooked and I can’t wait to see what the next killer brings to the table.

Do hope that it isn’t as simple as “I want to kill you Rachel” and Rachel, the girl who wants to die saying “no go buddy, this dude is going to kill me later on when he feels like it so me, the suicidal one who is begging him to kill me, will help him kill you so that maybe, at some point in the future, I’ll die. Hopefully. But NO I won’t take your 100% certain death my friend.”

Anything but that.


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