Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : A Sinner has no right of choice

Episode 4

With Eddie being killed we are on to the next floor.

Another floor for Rachel, the girl who wants to die, to escape almost certain death in the hope that Zack, the man who didn’t want to kill her because she had a boring look in her eye, will kill her.

Yes. You heard it all right.

Loving the next floor which is run by Cathy a “Judge” who makes them go through little games like having their mugshot taken and when Zack stupidly sits in a electric chair seeing how much punishment he can take whilst Rachel works out how to free him.

Cathy is a sadist and pretty cool in her own way, I love the aesthetics of the episode with the way they animated bits with Cathy in it which went from kinda cute and normal to just psychotic.

Also those dolls in the electric chair room just nodding their heads with their eyes all lit up. Again the animation from normal dolls, to freaky purple outlines to just smiling faces waving back and forth in blackness.

It was all very creepy in its way.

I’m in two minds about this. She says she has as many punishments as they have sins and I’d quite like to see them all one by one but at the same time I wouldn’t want her to be alive more then two episodes if poor Daniel only lasted one and Eddie lasted two.

Why I’d like to see them all is because its like Saw in anime form just the objective isn’t to learn a lesson and survive just die miserably after being tortured. Zack is so stupid he just sits in a electric chair and walks into a room that is obviously seriously dangerous.

Instead of finding a way out of the dangerous room filling with poisonous gas they squabble over who was more important to stay alive. Again the girl who wants to die is squabbling about dying.When they do put their mind to solving the crime they’ve already wasted enough time that its hard for Rachel to breath without the mask.

I liked that we ended on another cliffhanger but at the same time I still don’t really get Rachel. I mean she wants to die so let the timer run out, she’ll die either way if the timer runs out and why does she care if Zack dies with her or not? He’s obviously a murderer himself.

Whilst she won’t kill herself because its a sin so it semi leads you to believe she can’t be a murderer herself else why does she care if she sins or not know it makes you wonder what it was that she remembered with Daniel’s prompting that has made her act this way. It really is the strangest thing and the fact that she won’t just die is baffling to me.

As it is I can’t wait to see if Cathy is playing fair or not after all they solved the riddle of weighing the crime and now they are waiting for a mechanism to become clear. What that mechanism ends up being I don’t know but with this only being episode 4 I doubt Rachel and Zack are going to perish in the room that had a giant caution sign on it that Zack just wandered into blindly.

I do love Zack. He is literally my baby and I love how stupid he is.


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