Overlord III : Giant of the East, Demon Snake of the West

Chapter 4

“Higashi no Kyojin, Nishi no Maja” (東の巨人、西の魔蛇)

Carne Village is still our main home right now and with Lupisregina under the impression the village isn’t important we’ll have to see if they survive the coming war.

So we meet the Giant of the East and Snake of the West and like the King of the Forest they weren’t really anything to write home about just a ugly troll like creature and a Naga. Whilst the Giant of the East didn’t really have much of a brain and ended up dead to be turned into a zombie by the sound of it off screen at a later point by Ainz, the Naga at least had the sense to join Ainz side.

The threat to Carne Village is over and for good reason as Ainz learns of Lupisregina’s disregard for the village and uses this as a chance to test her and whether she learnt anything from Ainz trying to explain the importance of Carne village.

Again it was just a really good episode that did what Overlord always does best.

It showed that Ainz is once more out of his depth, his inner monologue and having to think quick to get out of situations he’d totally forgotten about was great. Him not really getting what he’s saying to Aura and the impact it seems to be having on her leads us to another romantic funny down the line and he manages to just overpower his way through a problem again to once more power up his own side.

Funny and action packed all at once. It mixes the laughs with the serious stuff really effortlessly.

Can’t wait to see who he is inviting for dinner.

Really want to see Lupisregina actually figure out the importance of the village or at least fail spectacularly in her test.

Also is it just me or do you think that the longer this goes on the harder it is going to be for Ainz to actually fool everyone. He keeps being relieved he does but they are questioning him a lot more and even gossiping amongst themselves. The whole bit about the red potion being given to Britta should probably never have been brought up at all among loyal subjects but the fact that they are questioning him could be interesting down the line. We’ve already seen Sebas not fully following Ainz but following his gut and whilst I can’t see Demiurge or Albedo really truly standing up against Ainz at any point at the same time Demiurge DOES question him a lot and does seem to ask the right questions to trip him up. Ainz is aware himself that Demiurge seems to know more then he sometimes lets on so if he ever gets bored of standing in the shadows will Demiurge and others who are more questioning then the others be Ainz’s biggest threat? Specially if Ainz lack of actual interest in world domination becomes apparent?

We’ll see. I doubt it’ll be anything but I like to think that could be something that happens.


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