Island :As Long As You Are There

Stage 6

“Soko ni Anata ga Ireba Ii” (そこにあなたがいればいい)

We go back to the butt, it is always about the butt. Or maybe not. Maybe so. Who knows?

It is the second half of the season and we look like we are finally going to go into who Setsuna is and what actually happened to him.

So far he hasn’t really seemed interested in sorting that out, he has been quite content on being the cheerful side kick to the girls and their problems but finally maybe we’ll actually deal with the bigger problem.

Who is he?

Where did he come from?

What happened to his memories?

Is he really destined to be the fuck boy of Rinne because of a “story” ?

Or maybe not?

Setsuna does seem to think that maybe going on a date with Rinne might help but it was so problematic to me, specially when later in the episode he even says “don’t tease adults” which again makes me wonder what the hell he’s doing with a bunch of kids or how it is OK for him to be “dating” a kid in his own eyes. I just don’t get it.

We don’t really get any kind of moment with him though, again it is more of a Rinne thing, something to cheer her up and instead of helping him she decided she didn’t want to let up on whatever secret she seemed to think she had until of course she’d slept on it and we’d heard another part of the legend of the three families.

Turns out that Rinne thinks her father killed the original Setsuna by throwing him into the sea and her father then died in front of her from soot blight syndrome. She jumped in to save Setsuna and woke up in the hospital alone.

In other words this could still be the real Setsuna because he doesn’t have his memories either and he could have ended up doing just about anything. His memories of Sara with big boobs and the others as adults could be his memories of seeing their families when he was a kid. So the time travel is out the window and its just a long about way to tell a romance story where both people lost their memories and now are brought back together without remembering.

Rinne and Setsuna are gonna fall in love and he’ll remember being shoved into the ocean by Rinne’s father and they’ll live happily ever after whilst Sara probably finds a cure to Soot Blight and Karen does whatever Karen wants to do.

Kinda disappointed to be honest.

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