Happy Sugar Life : The Sugar Girl Doesn’t Notice

4th Life

“Satō Shōjo wa Kizukanai” (砂糖少女は気づかない)

Shio ran away. Shio encountered another messed up human who wants to use her for their own gain. Shio, poor Shio, needs to run some more.

There is so much more to unravel in this episode.

Before we got into Shio and her relationship with her mother who seems to be haunting her we’ll talk about just how violent this episode was.

Satou gouged out the eyes of the guys that were beating up Taiyou, the same guys that beat up Asahi in the last episode. At this point in time I can’t say they didn’t deserve something but whether or not gouging out their eyes was a appropriate reaction I don’t know. It shows the lengths that Satou will go to though and its a scary length that she’ll go to.

It’s that jarring visual of someone as sweet looking as Satou being able to do the horrible things she’s doing that make it such a interesting anime to watch though. When her friend at work is talking about it and Satou just looks so innocent and calm about the entire thing you know you are looking at a serial killer even if you know that she’s doing it in some messed up way to protect this kid that she’s fallen in love with and has confusing emotions towards because of the way she was obviously raised by her aunt.

When the screen goes black with the little white squiggles on it, honestly it sends chills up my spine. The way they change up the animation style from cutesy to deranged all the time just makes it so much better.

Back to Shio I guess and her relationship with her mother takes a turn as the ghost starts to get really angry and violent in the way that it talks to Shio. It seems like they ran away from the violence of Shio’s father, Asahi staying behind to take the brunt of it all, just for Shio’s mother to blame her for everything that happened. Its all a bit all over the place still for me but hopefully it’ll click into place soon.

She’s still a odd one though, she isn’t all innocent as you’d think. She seems fully aware that telling Satou that she talked to anyone else on her wandering in the night would be a bad thing so instead lies to Satou. When Satou isn’t in the house she now turns to depressingly drawing her mother in the back of her wardrobe and seems to be suffering from PTSD herself.

What I guess I don’t get is that in the first episode Satou was seen to be coming home late all the time because of the manager who abused Taiyou and that whole time Shio just sat by the front door and did nothing but in the last episode she came home late once and Shio decided she had to run off on her own to find Satou. It didn’t really make much sense, her visions of her mother I guess might have played a part in it but it was just confusing why she would and now its a bit strange that she’s lying to Satou.

So many perverts though.

The teacher who just wants to be scolded and stepped on by Satou, Taiyou who has covered his room in pictures of Shio and now someone sniffing Satou’s uniform.

Seriously perverts everywhere you look.

It really is still a series that you feel a little bad saying you enjoy because you are basically just watching a load of fucked up kids and messed up adults lusting over things they shouldn’t be and doing things they shouldn’t be doing but its so intriguing seeing how they act and what is going on the entire time.

Can’t wait to find out the actual truth behind Shio, Satou and Asashi though.


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