Island : That’s Why I Trust You

Stage 5

“Dakara Anata o Shinjiteru” (だからあなたをしんじてる)

The episode actually amazingly followed on from the one before. Random it might be but Island seems to be picking up and going in one direction for a change.

It was still another really random episode but at least it followed on from what happened in the episode before.

This time we learn a hell of a lot about Sara and whilst some of it was crazy we have to remember that most of the mysteries surrounding Setsuna are crazy right now. Overall though it was just heartbreaking and gave a whole new meaning to everything the crazy little shrine girl was doing.

Whilst it keeps coming back to time travel we get no closer to any kind of truth, just nearly lose Setsuna and Sara as she goes bat shit crazy after finding out the truth about her family which was that they were bloodthirsty crazy people who locked up babies if they looked like they had Soot Blight Syndrome so the Island would worship them, and especially Sara, for being their saviours.

Like what the hell?

Kind of happy that the over the top time travel to become your own mother story wasn’t really what was going to happen and I feel like its a shitty thing to let a kid grow up thinking. Sure OK the old folk might not have known it but someone should have explained the history of her family to her. Like the birthmark and all that. What did they expect a kid to think?

Either way she started a fire in the shrine and was knocked out until after her “go back in time” date and therefore found out she wasn’t able to go back int time and hopefully realised her purpose in life was to help others not to wait until she’s 17 so she can go back in time and have sex with Setsuna and then give birth to herself….

Which you know was weird.

A Sci-fi Trope no doubt but a weird one to really crave.

Also is someone ever going to explain why everyone from one generation looks exactly like their offspring from another? Even Sara’s dad did look the spitting image of Setsuna in the picture. Karen looks like her mum and Kuon is her daughters double to the point if it wasn’t for Rinne actually leaving the house all the time I’d be so confused over who Setsuna was talking to half the time.

A good episode but again… I’m now pretty confused over what is going on in general.


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