Week 33 : How much effort should an individual put into not offending others?

People say that people these days are easy to offend but is it up to us not to offend people or up to us to not be so easily offended?

I think its obvious that its somewhere in the middle isn’t it?

Whilst no one should go out of their way to offend others you shouldn’t find a excuse to be offended for the sake of being offended. Also it very much depends on context and how you react to being offended and how people react to being told that they have offended someone.

For example if someone is obviously telling a joke and you get offended, calling someone names and getting upset at that person instead of just saying “I find that offensive for this reason” is over reacting and finding a reason to be offended. Explaining why it is offensive might not change their mind, they might still keep that dark sense of humour and find those jokes funny but as long as they then were mindful of what you find offensive and maybe learn there is a time for those types of jokes then its fine.

Again on the other hand if they react badly to that and still tell jokes to you that they know you won’t like and will find offensive then they are just being offensive for the sake of it.

I just think that some people need to be more understanding on both sides of it to be honest.

No one should go out of their way to offend someone, sometimes it can’t be helped because people are just extremely different, at the same time people when offended shouldn’t react so strongly that they hamper discussion on why they are offended.

We can’t really expect the world to bend to our will but we should always be more mindful, we should always work on improving each other and be willing to listen and work to a better world.

Being offended forΒ  the sake of it or being offended by others being offended is just pathetic.


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