My Life as a Playlist Week 32

I’m at a creative loss this week.

In other words since I got home I’ve sat and listened to about 3 hours of music, I’ve scrolled through a million other songs and I’ve even tried to write down how my week has been and….. Nothing.

To be honest it doesn’t even feel like Sunday.

I really am at a loss to what to do because I have no inspiration at all, I just want to cuddle up to my pillow, watch the Cultaholic Podcast and go to sleep.

OK this week I’m just naming my four favourite episodes of the Cultaholic Podcast. Before anyone says anything YES they could all be the episodes with Adam on them but they won’t be. Hopefully. I doubt it. Maybe. I promise not to put Adam’s episodes in there just because.

Allow me at least one.


Just for the first question in the mailbag. The entire catchphrase to say in bed makes me laugh so much, Ross’s answer was just the best answer you could possibly give as is “There is a Hurricane coming through”.

It was just before the football really kicked off so they were kind of “football is coming home” but it wasn’t quite “FOOTBALL IS COMING HOME” in other words… You could still understand the majority of what Ross was saying.


There HAD to be a Adam episode in it and I do think the newest episode is my favourite one with him in it. I mean lets face it these are the episodes I watch the most and I loved them taking the piss out of his voice saying he was upper class and he’s genuinely just the most adorable person on the planet.

Or something like that.

Anyway this one wins because of Adam trying to keep his eyes open just to see if he could make himself cry. JUST for that. I was in tears of laughter through the entire thing but that was my favourite Adam moment. Plus he looked really cute in his hoodie so there is that too.


So much about this episode was great but it was the James story that made it legendary…

Kind of.

There was a lot of things I loved about it though, Ross unfollowing someone on Twitter live on air and Maffew’s attempt at a Ronda Rousey face during the round up were brilliant.

It was a good Podcast and I really love Maffew.


I’ve literally picked my favourite one with Sam in it so that all the Cultaholic boys get a show on there.

So Sam.

Actually Sam is my second favourite member of Cultaholic and I’m one of the losers that brought his autograph, along with Adam’s obviously, when they worked for WhatCulture. So there you go. There. You. Go.



I just honestly have had a horrible day. I woke up late, couldn’t find any work trousers to wear, it pissed it down and I got soaked walking into work and then it was just constantly busy as it is most Sunday’s.

This is the first REAL REAL cop out I’ve ever done so to be fair we’ve done well not to have such terrible Playlists every week. Even if you don’t like wrestling you should listen to the Podcast just because all those guys are hilarious and wonderful.

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