Island : This World is Full of Secrets

Stage 4

“Kono Sekai wa Himitsu Darake” (このせかいはひみつだらけ)

It has been a while since my last review of this one but we left it with Karen asking Setsuna to make a mess of her…

What a strange episode this was.

I know it has been a while since I saw the first three episodes but there were so many things going on in this episode that I can’t for the life of me remember being mentioned or foreshadowed before now.

Of all the female characters Karen is by far the most interesting one so I can’t say I’m upset that she was the main focus of the episode but it just seemed to come out of nowhere that she had a brother or was getting married to someone, the plan to ruin the wedding and run away was so elaborate and over the top and whilst it didn’t really have a happy ending I guess overall it was a great episode that saw Karen go back to the Island because her mother had died.

It made absolutely no sense at all either in the end.

Like how is leaving the island such a bad thing? Its like the film The Village where they send the blind girl because if the rest of the village found out they were just in the middle of a nature reserve being guarded and the outside world had moved on then the old folks would lose the peaceful world they had created. Just… Unlike The Village the Islanders are perfectly aware that there is a outside world and it doesn’t actually seem like such a big deal leaving it because Karen did and then come back and everyone welcomed her back with open arms.

It just made the whole entire point of the Island pathetic.

Like I’m pretty sure they all know that they aren’t as advanced society wise as the people on the main land but there is no real mystery surrounding anything is there? Its just three old families trying to keep their world the way they want it to be by being grumpy, not letting outsiders in and naming their kids after some old assed myth so now all their kids are messed up thinking they have to live the lives of these people in a story.

Whilst it was pretty much the best episode so far, that isn’t saying much, and it really didn’t feel a continuation of anything in particular.

Again I’ve heard this is a VN and as most VNs have at least that dating/friendship option that as you raise through them you get to see snippets of your time with one character this felt like the final “bff” moment with Karen. I don’t really want to see any other moments with any of the other characters and Setsuna’s own goal was completely ignored in the episode so overall it was a good episode because it was all about Karen and forgot about every other little bit of the story.


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