World of Sport Episode 2

Sorry it is late I was busy on Saturday and only just got the chance to sit down and watch the episode now.

Episode 1 was actually really good and with the women on display tonight as well as a ladder match I can only imagine that this episode is going to be just as good.


So good old Stu does his bad guy stuff telling us how wonderful Rampage is before announcing the women’s match which we already knew about so seemed a pointless promo to keep in the TV show.


Rampage comes out with his little group of croonies, thankfully Samuels is the mouthpiece of the group and it was short and sweet to get the point across that these guys think that no one has the guts to fight Rampage…

Until our Local Hero shows up and challenges Rampage and gets a title match straight off the bat.

Winner : Rampage

I really couldn’t believe that this was the opening match of the night if I’m honest. With no build up or anything we got a top class fight between Rampage and Hendry for the championship belt.

We saw little of what Hendry could do, the match was much more about the story of Hendry being distracted by Banks and Samuels at ringside, but it was still a fantastic match to start the night off with.

Hendry hit the Freak of Nature and went for a Hendry Lock before being distracted completely by Banks entering the ring and losing the match.

Great opener, showed the up hill battle that whoever has to face Rampage is going to have to deal with, gives Hendry a decent excuse for asking for another match and just started the second episode off perfectly.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

From a decent, slow paced and hard hitting wrestling match to a high flying, intense and fast paced ladder match.

Match was ruined quite a bit by the camera shifts. It was difficult to watch without feeling like you were going to throw up and the horrible thing is I’ve watched two of these guys for well over a year on DEFIANT and know the kind of matches they can produce, I’ve heard so much about how good Lionheart is up in Scotland and Robbie X was so fun when we could see what he was doing but the match just didn’t get a chance to shine because it was like they weren’t too sure what they wanted you to see. Someone, somewhere mentioned it could have been because of the time it is one TV but that begs the question why have wrestling on at 5pm if to get around seeing the impacts etc you make the audience dizzy by switching camera every 3 seconds.

What you did see was amazing. Some great moments from Robbie X including a somersault fro the top of a ladder. We also had a rock bottom from the top of a ladder from Lionheart to Slater. Robbie X made a amazing impression and I can see him being a favourite for the younger audience, so happy to see Kidd win the briefcase and “huge opportunity” which…. We didn’t get to hear what it was? Or did they say and I just forgot because instead of repeating it they just acted real mysterious about it?

So happy for Gabriel Kidd.

Winners : Adam Maxted & Nathan Cruz

Did we know that Adam Maxted was on Love Island?

Well if we didn’t then we got a reminder as he came down to the ring.

Cruz and Williams starting the match off was my favourite thing, took it slow and down on the mat. Went up a gear when both tagged out and we got to see Maxted vs Drake and as Drake become victim of Maxted and Cruz we got to see the chemistry the two had which was immense. Really enjoyed them as a tag team more then I thought I would. Some great double teaming as well.

Shame there wasn’t more of Williams but I’m so happy to see Maxted and Cruz go forward in the tournament.

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

First up I LOVE the fact that Viper played the bad guy. One thing I HATE about WWE right now is that when something happens “historically” bad guys and good guys get thrown out the window so everyone can “share the moment”. Instead KLR and Bea shook hands, when they turned to Viper she hit the hand away looking disgusted.

Also take note DEFIANT, when you have a woman who looks like she could kill someone with a look YOU BOOK HER TO KILL PEOPLE. It was my biggest gripe with Viper’s run in DEFIANT that they made her look like any other female instead of booking her like a beast and letting her just run wild.

To the actual match then?


The women absolutely stole the show, as I knew they would, and whilst most of the match was a question of how they’d put Viper down we still got those fantastic moments from Priestley and KLR that have made them such big names all over the world. It had a little bit of everything and we got to see so much of what makes the British women’s scene so wonderful.

Loved the last few minutes of the match and happy to see KLR win the title. Would have preferred Bea but nevermind.


Commentary was a little better, I guess they’ll probably hit their stride later on especially as SoCal Val seemed to get heard a lot more as this episode went on. Alex Shane was pretty decent for most matches but then kind of turned off for big parts of the main event and completely missed calling any of the action from the Cheeky Nando’s kick for a while.

Camera editing is going to be the bane of our lives but I think its too late for it to be changed and we just have to hope that if we get another season of it that they’ll hear the universal, it seems, annoyance at the constant camera cuts.

Wrestling wise and all four matches were super this week, there was no match that felt gimmicky or ITV game showy. Of course the lack of unique music for each wrestler, the lack of any entrance at all for the guys in the ladder match and the set looking like its going to double over as a special set for a special version of The Chase reminds us constantly that this is family friendly ITV wrestling but the wrestling itself was for the majority of the night just as good as anything you’d go see at a local show.

Top class wrestlers from the top to bottom of the card.

They threw in a championship match, which makes the title look big because Rampage will face anyone, anytime for it, making a star of guys like Joe Hendry who really are the kind of guys that ITV should be focusing on.

Enjoyed it again. Happy that it seems to be doing well as well.

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