Week 32 :Can life be meaningful without friends?

I was lumped with a question that suited me perfectly, the person with no friends gets to tell you whether my life can be meaningful the way it is…

Simply yes it can.

I mean to be honest I do have friends, I don’t have friends in the conventional way but I have made friends online that I talk too, I’ve got wrestling buddies I see at shows and I have work friends. A lot of the time I spend my life like I don’t have friends though because I just don’t get being social.

Regardless of who you are though you’d have to really try hard NOT to have friends in this day and age. A friend is simply someone you have a bond with, you don’t ever have to meet them face-to-face or even talk to them a whole lot or share a lot of your personal life with them. Them just being there is enough to make them a friend.

With the internet being so prevalent what constitutes as a friend now is much broader then people give the word credit for.

Lonely people can find a support network if only they switch on a computer or mobile phone.

That really isn’t the point though.

To make your life meaningful you first need to have a objective that you can fulfill and work towards fulfilling to therefore make your life meaningful. People do that automatically whether its to save money to buy a new game, get the courage to ask someone out or just survive another day. A meaningful life is judged by the person living it and usually when they answer no, my life has no meaning, what they mean is that other people have judged it so and they have yet to realise that those people can shove off.

“But Anna, some people do amazing things and live real purposeful lives compared to you sat here writing on a blog and finding meaning in sharing your depressing stories…”

This is true but having a meaningful life DOES NOT mean you have to fulfill some kind of check list or create something amazing. People live meaningful lives in all sorts of ways because it has meaning to them.

It’s the same with the annoying “cheer up, someone has it worse then you” well good for them!

Life isn’t a competition even if some people like to think it is. Just like your pain is just as important as anyone else’s and you have a right to voice that pain, your meaning is as important as anyone else’s and whatever it is that you do that fulfills your life is good enough as long as you are happy.


My point is that you don’t need anyone else there in your life to do that. Some people prefer to avoid other human beings. Whilst in the modern times I can’t say that I don’t have friends I found meaning in doing this… Before THIS was a this, I did it on my own on my personal webpage and ran websites on my own. If I blocked myself from the entire world I could still lead a meaningful life because to be honest I get more depressed when I’m trying to fit in and make friends and therefore do less work online.

If you find meaning in being popular of course you won’t think this is true but not everyone is the same.

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