Caligula : Destroy your ideals and self, and return to hell and reality. [END]

Episode 12

“Risō o kowashite, genjitsu e kaeru――.”(理想きみを壊して、現実じごくへ帰る――。)

No chill in the title. It is off to hell we are obviously going.

I didn’t like it.

It was too wordy a ending, I got bored and stopped really paying attention.

What I DID get from it though was that the Go-Home Club were perfectly fine and able to live a much happier life outside of Mobius whilst the Musicians by the look of it continued to be miserable and have to get on with a life that they’d run away from.

Is that a happy ending?

I guess it becomes a philosophical question at this point.

They weren’t really happy, they were being given their hearts desire but they weren’t achieving anything by being happy in a program that was designed to make them happy. You can’t really live life and live it to its fullest inside a game world that is sucking your unhappiness away.

Life is a living hell for most people and you have to find the good bits yourself.

Some people just don’t. The Musicians seem incapable of doing so for one reason or the other be it that they are in a hospital bed with even their families wishing they were dead or just completely lost with nothing to help them out of it.

I guess it depends what side of the “my life is shit” world you land on really.

Did this episode do enough to make that question important or answer it in any way?

Hell no.

It babbled on and just wanted us to agree it was better for them all to go back to the real world and for at least a small amount of them to be happy.

I just wish that I hadn’t really bothered with it at all.


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