Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Smoke Signal

Episode 38


It isn’t even that it has been a long time between seasons but I honestly can’t remember half of what happened at the back end of Season 2 so most of this episode felt like me trying to remember what was happening.

We have Levi’s squad as our main focus of course this season and by Levi’s squad I mean the most annoying characters you’ll ever have to deal with. Or maybe that really is just Eren and Mikasa but its like a instant reminder every time they open their mouths that I just hate them.

When Hange was doing experiments with Eren to try and figure out how to do the hardening stuff so that Eren can close the hole in the wall we had Mikasa deciding to just do what she thinks best without orders once more which Levi commented on but Hange seemed to pre-occupied to care about. Mikasa AND Eren aren’t team players by a long shot and both put everyone in considerable danger all the time with their hot headedness and you can’t even get through a episode without them being moronic at least once or twice and making you roll your eyes.

Yet they are always usually right.

I mean Eren usually gets defeated or loses but everyone acts like he’s always right.

Just so you know that is probably going to be a rant I have every episode just because the two characters get on my nerves just being alive. As a opening episode for a season it was pretty great.

Got straight into business, no recap or soft start. Pastor Nick is killed which builds up the Scouts vs everyone else story, we know that Historia and once more Eren are the main focus of whatever everyone else has planned and the truth behind EVERYTHING lies with them somehow. Levi is doing his best to do everything at once, fix the wall, save the day and babysit a bunch of entitled children. It had its gruesome moments as always, specially when they pulled Eren from his titan just for his face to come away whilst they were doing it, built up a bunch of interesting stories and ended on a cliffhanger which dangles the fact we might learn a lot more about Levi this season then I thought we’d get to know.

Overall I’m really positive about the episode if I’m honest.

I will never not complain about how much I hate the main trio but it wasn’t a bad episode.

It was very heavy with Hange and Levi though which is a big plus for me, I find both characters much more rounded and interesting to listen and watch. I would like/like to have seen more of Hange’s experiments because they seemed interesting and I’m really interested in finding out about Levi’s connection to Kenny the Ripper, the dude who has cut off the faces of 100 Military Police. Both made the episode much more enjoyable.

Felt bad for Armin, out of the main trio he is the one I like the most and I feel for him and Jean who were used as body doubles for Eren, who was not pleased like boy get your priorities straight, and Historia. Armin, poor guy, was being molested which makes you wonder what kind of kidnappers they are…. Just it doesn’t because it was obviously a ploy to separate the Scouts so that the main party headed by Kenny could go after the real Eren and Historia.

Not a bad first episode.

2 thoughts on “Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Smoke Signal”

  1. As much as I’m with you in thinking Eren and Mikasa are annoying characters, in this return they actually seem a tiny bit better so far – though possibly that is just the dilution as Levi and Hange are taking a lot of screen time (and no complaints about that at all). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    1. I agree, I feel like this season will be much easier to watch as it already looks like it’ll look at a wider range of characters then Eren and Mikasa. I really don’t like how they both always feel so entitled and spend so much time putting everyone else in danger to do whatever they want with very little consequences to their actions. I’m happy that we’re getting more time for characters like Levi and Hange who are much more rounded characters even with less screen time. Hoping the season is a good one.

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