Overlord III : Enri’s Upheaval and Hectic Days

Chapter 3

“Enri no Gekidō Katsu Awatadashī Hibi” (エンリの激動かつ慌ただしい日々)

I’ve really been enjoying the pacing of the series so far and I’m loving being back in Carne Village. I really want to see what the series has in store for Enri.

This episode showed us just how much like Ainz she is, really thought the moment that she was going on about being the only person in this situation and the scene cut to Ainz just sitting in his chair looking confused. Which is a really decent talent to have seeing he’s a skeleton.

Enri is one of the best characters in the series, we’ve seen her development slowly and this episode was working towards making her the village chef, a position she very much deserves, and we got to see why she deserves it. From coming face to face with ogres and not cowering to bringing goblin and human relations closer. She’s a great character that is going from strength to strength but is about to be put into a heap of trouble.

For a start this episode itself was a lot of fun. There wasn’t really any threat in it, we got to hear the little goblin, Angu I believe he was called, and his story which meant we now know some of the threat that is facing Carne Village as the forest itself is now unbalanced thanks to the Forest King being taken away. We know the two left, the great snake and giant or whatever they are called, are planning on attacking Ainz and are trying to round up goblins basically to use as fodder in all senses. We then get a trip to E-Rental which only went as well as it did because of Ainz showing up, obviously as Momonga, and helping when it got tough. Enri’s insistence that they need to try and defend Carne Village on their own without Ainz before calling for him was a big moment for her though I have a feeling he’ll be there as Momonga anyway.

So the episode itself was a A+ for me.

What it is setting up is a little more confusing.

Lupusregina is obviously the guardian of Carne Village under Ainz orders but she now is babbling on about wanting to see the village perish. She’s a bit of a weird one anyway as are all the Pleiades but I don’t really know whether her sadistic nature is going to make her HELP in the destruction of Carne or if she’s going to fight for them like she probably should. I didn’t really get what was going on in the end and it’ll be interesting to see, I mean surely Ainz wants the best for Carne as proof that he can take over the New World and be this all powerful Overlord. At the same time maybe this is a test?

Maybe she was just talking out loud about her desires as a sadist but won’t actually get involved.

Either way it was a tad confusing, not in a bad way, and I think it’ll be a interesting plot point down the line possibly.


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