Happy Sugar Life : The Sugar Girl Eats Love

1st Life

“Satō Shōjo wa Ai o Hamu”(砂糖少女は愛を食む)

This is one of those shows that you kind of hear about and it sounds absolutely crazy but you kind of want to see how it plays out.

Well here I am seeing how it plays out.

There is so much WRONG with this anime I don’t know where to start, it does the wrong things right enough that unlike Magical Girl Site which become cringe-y to watch at times you can follow the story without wanting to die of sadness but it just… Well let me explain.

So we have this girl called Sato. We get a little bit of info on her to the point you can guess she used to “date” a lot, now though she’s given her heart to someone else. That someone else is a kid called Shio. Now we’re not told how Sato came to be in Shio’s life or even really what kind of “love” Sato thinks she’s fallen into with her, the end of the episode hints that this is a kidnapping of some sort, there is a person out looking for Shio, it also seems that Sato has killed someone to either occupy their flat or stay in the flat safely with Shio…

Sato is the main character though and whilst all this is batshit crazy and all shades of wrong in this episode she uncovers her new managers kidnapping of a employee and sexual torture of him purely because the manager was jealous that Sato was cute and the guy liked her. It didn’t matter that Sato turned him down or the fact that there was a stupidly huge age gap with them, the manager before being uncovered treated Sato like crap meaning she didn’t get to spend time with Shio and then tried to under pay her which lead to Sato blackmailing her.


What am I meant to say about this?

I feel dirty saying I enjoyed it but it was so interesting. Sato is such a fascinating character because you just don’t know what is going on in her head. There seems to be a element of abuse in her past, the way the guys and her friend acted it looked like before she met Shio that abuse led her to being the kind of girl that liked to play with guys for attention no matter what kind and how healthy it was. What she’s doing now I hope is explained and we don’t just see the world through her eyes with no uncovering of just how she really feels and what she’s really done.

Its got that cutesy stuff going for it but it hides a dark and dangerous world and the contrast between the animation style and even some of the weird things going on and the themes being presented is so huge that you just get hooked on it. Its in your face without being in your face, its over the top without being over the top.

One episode in and I think its got the right pace and the right attitude to tell the story.

Man though is it rough to watch.

3 thoughts on “Happy Sugar Life : The Sugar Girl Eats Love”

  1. Personally haven’t checked out this show yet but love shows where something puts you off immediately, but you can’t stop watching it. That happened to me with cross Ange lot of heavy themes, sexual exploitation of women , slavery, I should have stopped watching it but I couldn’t because the main character going from a prissy life to rock bottom. Their determination to scrape through was the reason I kept on watching lol

    1. I really love shows like this though. Like, I mean its nowhere near as bad and the ending of the show was worth people not bothering with it, but I know a lot of people that got to the Ringo part of the Penguindrum story and instantly cringed out of it but they missed a whole lot of good. Sometimes you have to watch things like this and get over the real shocking and messed up stuff because underneath it can be super interesting stories and characters. I’d recommend this one to be honest, I am up to date with it (even if my reviews aren’t up to date) and its getting better and better even if the subject matter is getting darker and darker.

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