Caligula : Caligula

Episode 10

[EDIT : For some reason Episode 11 was posted before this one… So we apologise for that.]

The last episode ended with everyone being messaged to meet in the Club room, everyone got a message from someone else and when they were all there the door to the Club room was sealed shut so no one could escape.

All that is other then Ritsu who was piss assing around with the door at the end of the last episode, the door to the space between realities, and probably now has joined the Musicians or some bullshit.

Well it was kind of still better then all the other episodes other then the last two.

I mean I have to give it to them for actually having the Go-Home club have to come to terms with the fact they ran away from the real world and are now just running away from Mobius too.

We also got reasons why people ran away.

The whole “personal hell” thing comes into play here because whilst some shitty things happened to a bunch of them at the same time its very personal for all of them. Shogo thinks he murdered someone because he didn’t go to the aid of a friend who chucked themselves off the side of a building, Kotaro is a middle schooler who isn’t tall like his deceased father so thinks he’s weak and Kensuke wanted to be a composer but…. Then didn’t? I didn’t really get his point. You also had Mifue who was basically ashamed of her mother being fat so ended up with a eating disorder.

Personally I loved Naruko’s story, that her father was a journalist and she got picked on so ended up being a troll online to feel better when she got reactions, its pretty much a good look at why some people are assholes online and why just getting angry at them doesn’t always help. Its the attention, no matter what kind it is, that they crave. Suzuna was also one that I understood and was dealt with perfectly in her episode anyway, I would have liked to have seen Kotono’s properly because I’m still up in the air over whether she was actually abused or if the abuse was from her, I don’t know why but there is something about her that I just think we need one final “this is for sure what happened” moment with.

By the end of the episode you’d have to say the entire group was dead seeing that they were all sat right next to a grenade when it went off. Of course anime logic will dictate that they were just thrown from the blast and injured but, it was a very small room and they should all be dead.

This current run of episodes is actually really good and its looking to be at least a interesting finale when we get there in two episodes time.

Unfortunately the damage has been long done.


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