Caligula : People constantly seek out the right answer. Yet is being right really all that matters?

Episode 11

“Hito wa tsune ni seikai o motomeru. Da ga, tadashikere ba hontō ni sore de ī no ka?” (人は常に正解を求める。だが、正しければ本当にそれでいいのか?)

Two more episodes to go and the show just about starts to make sense. Stories that should have been told better at the beginning of the show have now been told, we care about some characters and actually want to see what happens.

I’m still on the side of the Musicians but there you have it.

Well what a twist hey?

I don’t know, I kind of liked that Ritsu was the creator, it makes sense of a lot of what has happened even though it really marks the first half of the season as bullshit not worthy of watching.

Always kind of wondered what happened to all these people’s bodies when they were in Mobius and its as simple as being stored and everyone going “we don’t know whats happening but it has to be this persons fault” and that is basically it. Ritsu took the look of his more confident and happy co-worker and transported his own self to Mobius because he was lonely. He’s as much of a jerk as I thought he was to be honest and by the end of the episode Aria is bringing him back to Mobius to sort out μ who right now is sucking the unhappiness out of everyone in Mobius.

It isn’t a earth shattering twist or revelation really but as crappy as this series has been it was a decent one.

Whilst he was moaning away about being lonely, when all this dude ever did was try and include him, we had a pretty cool fight going on with Marie and the others.

As I said in anime psychics the grenade didn’t kill them, neither did many of the explosions that should have. Is it because μ is awake and able to fast heal and prevent death? Was she awake when Shadow Knife died? I can’t remember. That could be the reason, what we did I guess learn was that I think Marie doesn’t have legs and she was talking about how her family had wished she was dead.

Why aren’t we getting THAT story? I’d like to know more about her. More about all the Musicians to be honest. It took too long to get definitive stories from the Go-Home Club that we’re not going to be able to get them from the Musicians who seem to have had it worse off then the Go-Home Club and have turned nasty because of it. Severe bullying, no where to belong… Abuse even possibly.

I guess giving us IkeP going on about this world being his Justice and Marie causing Havoc as well as Thorn being a dick to Sogo is all we’re meant to need to see that they are in the wrong. I don’t really agree though, I think that sending them back into the real world will do them more harm, if they weren’t wanted there and needed to run away and their problems run a lot deeper then “I’m too small even though I’m a kid and I want to be bigger” then you might just be sending them back to suicide or doing something really horrible in the real world.

It’s sad.


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