World of Sport Episode 1

So World of Sport is back on ITV at 5pm on a Saturday night! How did the first show go?!


So I missed a little bit of the beginning but was in time to see the five man elimination match being set up with four of the biggest names in British Wrestling… and a dude called Crater I’d never heard of.

Winner : Justin Sysum / Rampage

It was a good first match, it wasn’t overly flashy and it wasn’t anything memorable but it did make a statement in my opinion. It has the big name British guys in there, it had its “monster” and for me said they are going to try to do justice to both the hardcore BritWres fans and the casual family audience at the same time.

Crater was gone before long after doing the obvious big, angry bastard coming in and destroying people with no concept of rules. I think he’s the one bit I’m worried about but I can see why he has a place in WOS and am by no means upset to see him there.

The others didn’t really show off but didn’t hold back either if that makes sense. It was a very under performed match, personally I think Sysum is a weak wrestler anyway, I always say it but he’s always a beat or two behind everyone else but I get that he has a character that would shine on Saturday tea time TV. On the other hand Rampage you couldn’t really package as just a genuine good guy in a show like this so they’ve gone for badass instead.

The screwy ending was unneeded but set up for a triple threat main event where you can only guess that Grado is losing the belt.

Winner : Davey Boy Smith JR

Whilst the first one smacked family friendly ITV wrestling this didn’t. I’m no fan of DBS Jr, I don’t think he’s terrible but he’s not the mega star I think ITV want him to be BUT I think with matches like this one against one of the absolute best wrestlers to EVER step foot out of England he can be the Bulldog of our generation. I think they look to be making a slow build, hopefully, over the 10 episodes for a final showdown between him and whoever turns out to be the biggest bad guy on TV.

It was a great clash of two very different styles, it did ground Ospreay a whole bunch but we got to see most of what we love from him.

Fantastic match if not a show stealer.


Really like the idea of these two as a team, two very different styles and Sabian is a great mouth piece for them.  They have the first match of the tag team tournament and I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress.

Winners : Iestyn Rees & Kip Sabian

What a weird team in Kirby and Hendry if I’m honest. Even as two good guys they are a unlikely pairing.

The match set up for a match between those two later on as Kirby left his partner to fight for himself, Rees and Sabian have great chemistry and really owned the match but it was also a super strong showing for Hendry whilst not giving the casual audience a real glimpse into the Kirby that we all love and know. I wonder where they are going with him.

My favourite match of the night and so stoked to see the Local Hero persona back from the Prestigious one as its the perfect ITV tea time character.

Also was it the Freak of Nature on both Rees and Sabian? I’m sure it was a Freak of Nature or close too it, that was just perfect. Hendry is a beast.

Winner : Rampage

I don’t like Sysum and as much as I love Grado I know he can’t wrestle that well but somehow it managed to be a pretty decent main event.

Rampage was the best by far but the little set up pieces that Grado did were really good too like the cannonball off the apron, again we didn’t really get to see much of the Grado character, we did get to see little bits of it but not that well.

For a first show that very obviously wanted to change its champion and its image right from the start it was a good safe main event. Nothing special like most of the rest of the night but something that showed off the talent they have and built a bit of a story.


You might be able to tell that overall it was kind of underwhelming for me BUT I think it was a big positive too.

It had great matches, if not stand out matches, it showcased some incredible talent and made commitments to it by bringing in belts for them to fight for. We have the women debuting to crown a champion next week with three of the most talented women I’ve ever seen, the tag team tournament feels a bit thrown together but should be fun and now Rampage has the belt it feels like we’ll see the story ends with DBS Jr maybe beating him in the finale which I don’t think I’d be against if I’m honest.

The commentary team had no chemistry… Or at least Alex Shane was very off, I guess he had to change the name of some of the moves on purpose but he just felt like he was sat on his own talking whilst Bennett and Val at least had a bit of chemistry. There was one good joke about Rampage and Bennett having the same two moods and whilst I’m saying that is a negative I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement. It did make it hard to watch though and that is a problem, they are constantly with us and I worry they will put off the casual audience. Hopefully not.

Camera angles all over the place was annoying. We didn’t need the constant cutting to different camera’s, it was off putting. The stage looked like a ITV game show but I guess we can’t expect too much more from them if we’re honest. The generic music was a little disappointing but happy to see Hendry got to sing his own. These are all very minor annoyances I personally have but I also know that ITV can only do so much, they aren’t going to spend out on music rights, they have to keep things 5pm friendly and attractive for all sorts.

Overall it was a very positive episode and I hope it does well. Can’t wait for next week which looks like a great show.

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