Island : The right way to spin dreams

Stage 3

“Tadashii Yume no Tsumugikata” (ただしいゆめのつむぎかた)

So to say I’ve been disappointed would be wrong because I had no expectations, the disappointment will come in this episode if there is not even the chance of a movement in the story.

There was a solid… I’d say 5 minutes of good content in this episode.

It opened up shit with fan service, sexy dreams and bikinis galore, then had a decent little funny bit with Sara and Karen before entering those 5 minutes with the mysterious shack and Setsuna telling Sara and Karen about all the mysteries that he’s been keeping track of and then it went right back to the shit.

Like from the bath scene onwards what really was happening?

They had a montage of like a years worth of goings on which… Haven’t happened yet? Is a dream of Rinne’s too happen? I can’t quite work it out because later on when Setsuna is with Sara talking about Karen wanting to leave the island he mentioned “a couple of days ago” that he found Karen hiding in a boat. Now this could be a translation problem or something but it means that everything that happened in the montage whilst Rinne was singing either happened in the span of a few days, and there was hell of a lot going on, or that its going to happen or that Rinne WANTS it to happen.

Overall it just added to the disjointed and shitty feeling of the second half of the episode.

At least the first half was funny and built towards the mysteries and everything, I’d even have enjoyed the second half if it had just focused on the Karen stuff and didn’t seem to jump around the place and then end with Karen seemingly trying to get Setsuna to fuck her brains out.

Its like they have taken all the interesting parts of this story out to replace it with all the most “fuck me now!” bits they could.

Overall I wasn’t impressed but there is still that mystery, still that need to find out what is going on.

Plus I kinda want to know more about Karen’s mum and dad.


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