Caligula : Even if something has already happened, you can still choose what you do.

Episode 9

“Nani ka ga okotte shimatta ato de atte mo, Nani o suru ka wa jibun de sentaku dekiru.” (何かが起こってしまった後であっても、何をするかは自分で選択できる。)

All the last episode did was make me want the Musician’s to win. I get that all the characters have interesting stories but we’re just not getting them, at least I can get that the Musicians agreed to be there, as have the Go-Home Club originally I believe, and just don’t want to leave which is their right to be honest.

The Go-Home Club are actually pretty much bullies.

Now THIS I don’t get.

There is a way that it seems people can leave, this is the door that the Musician’s are using to enter a space between Mobius and the world as a base. By Aria’s explanation it sounds like μ could simply open the door and let this lot go whilst keeping those who want to stay.

So why is this a war and why can’t they just work together to get rid of those who just don’t want to be there?

There is no explanation. μ just needs to learn that some people don’t want to really be helped, I get that she isn’t really helping anyone but she’s trying and some people appreciate it, sure they abuse power they gain through it but at the same time they are happy and so is μ and it isn’t doing anyone any harm so why not just let the party poopers go and let those who want to be there stay?

Again I don’t really get the Digiheads. They show up bullying someone in a locker but it didn’t really seem to have a point.

Quite liked the Kotaro/Shadow Knife stuff. It was easy to see that Shadow Knife would be someone who had been bullied and wasn’t a bully themselves, again like the IkeP stuff in the last episode I got why he did what he did and whilst it is the worst example of someone coming to this world to live a different life and ending up doing bad you can get it. if someone has suffered as much as he seems to have then they will have a twisted view on everything and again why the hell would he want to go back?

His death was surprisingly poignant seeing we only really just met him in the first place.

Like we just learnt this guy had been picked on enough that he wanted to escape to this world and torture those who tortured him and even in a world created to make people happy he ended up committing suicide because the pain just wouldn’t go away.

That is pretty sad.

It was ruined by the girl and Shogo though, a moment that kind of happened then didn’t go very far.

Two episodes in a row that were actually pretty good. I think I’ve died and gone to Mobius.

Well you don’t die to go to Mobius but the Rogues just found out that if they die in Mobius they die in the real world which has brought a whole new dynamic to these guys lives.

As for what Ritsu was doing with the door at the end. I’m starting to just hate so much of this anime again. So much of it just sucks balls.


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