Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Your grave is not here

Episode 2

We have a main character who wants to be dead and another who wants to kill everyone. I think its going really well.

Loved the first episode and the second was just so much better.

Really think the relationship between Rachel and Zack is brilliant, it brings some great funny moments in a rather spooky episode. I like that the tone gets mixed up a lot, you can’t really run from the fact that Zack is kind of creepy all the time with his voice and laugh but the silly moments he has helps stop you from trying to second guess when the next big spooky thing will happen.

The dude or dudette, I mean he seemed to have a coconut on his head so we don’t really know yet, whose floor they are now on had a very simple way of bringing in the spooks.

Whilst Zack was typical slasher guy and Daniel was typical mad doctor guy this one is the kind who hides in the shadows leaving the main female protag messages saying he knows her wishes and would make her happy. So on and so forth. The lights flickering and turning off, the unsettling laughter and the fact that the entrance to his area is full of graves including a lovely one just for Rachel and a… messy one just for Zack hit exactly the right notes.

You were on the edge of your seat waiting for him to turn up, whilst I didn’t think it would be a jump scare and I didn’t even think it would be scary but then again I’m not really the kind of person who getsย  scared as I just love the horror genre, you still were waiting though and it made it uncomfortable when you thought something bad was going to happen then a joke happened instead. It was the good kind of uncomfortable because you knew at some point something was going to happen.

I do think for this series to really hit it out of the park there will need to be at least an attempt with one of the killers at jump scares. I wouldn’t say there has been so far but the ending to this episode came close.

I personally would love to sit in that records room and just read all those records. I really don’t see why she just picked up hers and Zacks and not the entire book, like it was obvious that she wasn’t being attacked at any point PLUS she wants to die anyway so I don’t get why she went back to Zack instead of looking through the records. I mean obviously her and Zack aren’t going to deaths on their records so she could have found more information out on some of the other floors killers if she looked hard enough maybe.

In general I just loved the episode it was really well paced and fantastically put together.

It is just really fun to watch.


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