Persona 5 : What Life Do You Choose

Episode 14

We’re back for the second half of the Persona series and we even get new titles, as is usually the case with longer seasons.

It was also a very good episode, again it focused more on the relationships of the main cast mainly the relationship with Makoto and the story was much better for it.

Seeing a different side to Makoto is interesting, her whole thing seems that she doesn’t want to be a push over but I also feel it got her mixed up in a way. It tried to show that she’d be easily led into a situation against her will but I’m not sure Makoto is the kind of person who would be, I know it led to the story with Eiko and how easy it was for girls to be manipulated by guys like the Host but Makoto herself isn’t weak in that sense. She tries to do what she thinks is right and will make her sister proud and in a way the spirit of her father proud as well but I really don’t think she’s the kind of person who would end up being scammed of being led off by some weirdo.

Again even Ren got some moments in which is weird for him.

In general the episode seemed like a big recap more then anything, it had a lot of “this is what happened” moments and even graphics reminding us of the main characters nicknames in Mementos and all that.

I mean sure I don’t keep up to date with the series very well so the catch up might be helpful for me but I don’t see the point in having that kind of episode if I’m honest when there hasn’t been a break of any sort.

Like the episode though overall. Makoto is a bit meh as a character for me, I mean I thought I’d like her a whole bunch but when she’s on her own she’s not really that great. Kind of was waiting for the obvious “I care about you” speech to Eiko and my opinion went down greatly when she didn’t give it, I don’t know why I just didn’t like it. That whole story was really well told though and got you interested in what was going on I just wish more of the series was like that.

It was also nice to see the characters just spend time together. Like Ren randomly shopping with Anne and it didn’t feel at all like they had forced it in there. I have been watching and writing about the new anime Island which has a lot of dating sim feels to it and I know that these moments tend to come from the getting to know each character bits in Persona but unlike Island it effortlessly just makes it feel like normality. In a series where so much ISN’T normal that is actually really good.

Not looking forward to the next episode if I’m honest because I know it’ll go back to being rushed and kinda annoying.

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