Overlord III : Carne Village Once More

Chapter 2

“Karune-mura Futatabi” (カルネ村再び)

After a fun opening episode we return to plans…

Just plans. You’ll get it in a minute.

Loved both halves of this episode for their own reasons.

Really nice to be back to basics with Ains and his group, the problem I had last season was it took a giant leap and left Ains to focus on characters and groups we had no reason to be invested in. Ains himself became difficult to care for as his inner voice was lost and moments like in this episode just disappeared.

I loved when Ains decided to let Demiurge take charge so that he could come up with some ideas on what to do next in a sneaky way just to be told that Demiurge has come up with this whole ideal of what Ains wants based on Things and Stuff that Ains had apparently said but… Hadn’t.

It was great comedy moments like that which made me love the series and which were missing in the last season.

Even jumping over to have the second half focused on Carne village…

We CARE about that village and the people in it because we’ve seen them interact with Ains, they’d been introduced naturally and we got to know them through the actual story instead of dumping us into the middle of a story that just didn’t fit and making us care about something that just wasn’t important.

Carne Village is doing well, not brilliantly but well, loved the goblins interacting with the small amount of villagers left and we were left with the knowledge that all is not well on the outside.

Sets up a interesting story going forward but also was just nice to see them all again.

Also shows that we don’t need Ains in episodes a lot to be a good episode but we have to be given a reason to care. We’ve been given a reason to care about Carne Village and I was sad to see that there was more problems coming their way, especially as Carne is being used as Demiurge’s experiment on how well their take over will be. I wanted to see it go from strength to strength under Ains but right now I just fear that we’re going to have more heartbreak in that village before anything good happens.

Loved the Goblins in general though, they were the best bit by far.

Overall this season is just so much better then the last.


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