Mahou Shoujo Site : We Are… [END]

Episode 12

“Watashitachiha…” (私たちは…)

It has really taken me this long to put into words just how disappointed I was with the finale. Here is my disappointment though.

It really was just the first act in a much larger story but I worry we’ll never get to see that much larger story play out.

We learnt so much in this episode about the Admins, Tempest and even mysteries like the perverted detective but every single bit of information we got just lead us to more questions that just went completely unanswered.

There is a whole group of Admins I’d love to see, there are a whole bunch of people who deserve to be completely destroyed and then there was Brother… I’d love to say poor old Brother but to be honest I think being anal raped by a weirdo is the nicest possible ending this season could have given him seeing the dude has outright killed people and deserved to be tortured for eternity.

Honestly can’t believe that is a sentence I ever had to type.

In the end it was pretty cool, we got to see a super battle against two Admins, but so disappointing with the Love conquers all ending and even the two main girls being able to run off into the sunset, help people in need and just live happily in love together with no real fear in their lives.

I mean I’m happy that they are happy at the moment but it just felt convoluted.

They know about Tempest, they know there are many more Admin and that they can recruit pretty easily. Regardless of what he has done Aya’s brother is still missing and she actually seemed pretty concerned about that up until the ending. They don’t seem to care that by using their powers they are slowly killing themselves. I wouldn’t even say it was a bittersweet ending because it was just shit to be honest.

So disappointed in a series that showed great potential.

Always stuck up for it and said that it might be over the top but it could end on a high note and all would be forgiven. I know that it seems to be end of act one but it limped out on act one and if there is ever a act two I’m pretty sure most people won’t give it the time of day.

Plus I want it known I’m not for that ending with Brother. It was over the top and really unneeded, it isn’t something you should end the series on really. For some reason the people I was watching it with laughed and I guess that is the horrible reality of it all.

Sure Brother was about the worst person in the whole universe but did he deserve what he got? Should we be happy he’s in the hands of some crazy person out to rape a guy because he used magical girl stuff?

It… Just left a bad taste in the mouth. It really did.


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