Island : I don’t want you to feel bad

Stage 2

“Kuyamanaide Hoshii Kara” (くやまないでほしいから)

We’ve decided to give this one a fair shot right?

Beyond the VN nonsense is a decent story waiting to be told and I’m hoping that they let that story BE told.

Again there was story there that was seriously interesting BUT one of the best parts, the story of the three families, also forced a love story angle BEYOND just the normal VN stuff.

Rinne, Karen and Sara are all named after three characters from this story which talks of forbidden love and all this shit from the main three families of the island. It was a great little moment in the episode and the story itself was harmless and explained why when Setsuna instantly came up with Rinne’s name she named him Setsuna, she believes that she IS the Rinne from the story and he IS the Setsuna and they have to be together to… Yadda, yadda you know the rest.

Its forced and silly but at least that makes sense. Convoluted as it is I get it, she lost her memory 5 years prior to this story and just believes that she’s the Rinne from the past. She’s also a hypochondriac believing she has something called Soot Blight Syndrome which her mother has and means she can’t come into contact with daylight, her mother says she doesn’t have it but it all plays into her believing the story.

Again though it just didn’t flow very well as cut scenes were planted all over the place with the prospective girlfriends and you just wanted to scream at the main story to actually be put in the forefront for a change.

Its why I don’t play VN, I have no problem with the dating aspect of them but sometimes, the vast majority of times for the ones I’ve played, it overshadows a very interesting story and then putting them into a TV show isn’t helping when that story isn’t even really developed in that either.

So I’ll play along.

IF I was playing and IF I had to pick one of the three I’d pick Karen.

I enjoy her story more, whilst it was very fan service-y and awkward in the first episode I quite enjoyed her having to get a job and joining Rinne’s services in this episode. She’s the least annoying and most normal of the characters and I think if she didn’t seem to be underage, I don’t know if she is or isn’t but I felt she was a whole bunch younger then Setsuna, then at least it would be a more interesting relationship story that would be being told.

Rinne is forced because she thinks she has to be with Setsuna for various “fate” related reasons. Talk to Anna about the shit we have with fate.

Sara… I don’t want to talk about because she’s the most fan service of the lot and does my head in, specially as she’s a interesting character who knows a lot more about things then any other but then has to actually be actively trying to sleep with the main character instead of just being a character in her own right.

I’m gonna play along and I’m going to see where this all leads but don’t expect me to be happy about it.


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