Gegege no Kitaro : The Kappa’s Work Reform

Episode 9

“Kappa no Hataraki’kata Kaikaku” (河童の働き方改革)

I feel like its OK to say we FINALLY get a look at some Kappa’s in the Gegege universe.

Another great episode where Ratman destroys lives trying to make a profit and whilst he himself isn’t really being a bad guy he does bad things just to get his money…

And he doesn’t get any money.

This time he exploits Kappa by selling them to a workaholic for three cucumbers a hour, it instilled greed into the Kappa who then went on a rampage taking everyone’s… Motivation? Out of their butts? Something like that anyway.

Pretty sad overall because the little Kappa didn’t really know what was going on and they were being exploited and they did just kind of want cucumbers. Thankfully they weren’t punished really as they didn’t do much wrong.

Loved how they blamed the Isogashi making the human a workaholic but it turned out just to be a human being human. Kind of sad though that the guy couldn’t just calm down and enjoy life, he went from one extreme to the other and lost his family, I felt that made the episode weak because even though there wasn’t really anything to help the dad be a better person it felt like he’d had that moment he needed to realise he needed his family and then that happened. I didn’t find it funny at all just sad.

Loved the Kappa’s though.

Of all Japanese creatures the Kappa is probably one of the most well known and it surprises me it took this long to have a episode about them. I found it sweet how the brother just wanted to feed his baby brother cucumbers all the time and would give up the idyllic lifestyle they had to do that. Thankfully they were able to go back to living that lifestyle afterwards and everything worked out for them unlike the human family.

Moral of the story is everything in moderation.

What the actual moral of the story should have been is there is more important things then money. That one kind of got lost with the human family and Ratman being taken out.


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