Caligula : Your life shouldn’t be built from someone else’s blueprint. No matter how unskilled you maybe you should draw it yourself

Episode 8

“Jinsei to wa, tanin no sekkei zu de tsukuru mono de wa nai. Donna ni chisetsu de mo jibun de egakubekida.” (人生とは、他人の設計図で作るものではない。どんなに稚拙でも自分で描くべきだ。)

What did we learn from any of these episodes?

Not much. Episode 7 was just as bad as all 6 episodes before it and I don’t hold much hope for this episode either.

This show makes me angry for no real reason anymore. I might not have done the best job on reviewing the last episode. I want to try to do better in this one but I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to talk about it without getting angry.

I did like that it seemed to actually go on with the story where it kind of ended last episode. We learnt that Kensuke has joined the Go-Home Club, just he’s probably not and just leading them down a dangerous path. We also know that μ has woken up from a month long sleep, a month that the Musicians just used to hang about and do nothing and the Rogues, as IkeP called them, did nothing much other then let Kotono run around being “Rescue Man”.

Liked having the episode told from the side of the Musicians, I think it is easy to forget that everyone seems to have agreed to go to Mobius and the reason thy agreed is because they were lonely, sad or in despair in real life. The Musicians just don’t want to return to that world and now because the Go-Home Club’s actions Mobius is starting to fall apart.

We can debate whether or not running away from your life to somewhere like Mobius is the right answer but like it or not these people seemingly went there on their own steam and now because a minority don’t like it anymore others who are actually happy are suffering.

It was kind of sad.

Are we meant to be feeling sad for the Musicians or happy that this is happening to them?

This is a big problem with the entire thing. We aren’t given a reason to care about anyone but right now I kind of do feel so bad for the Musicians who had the places that was created so they could get away from the shit in life turn to shit too.

For me the Musicians have turned from bad guys to the good guys purely because they are there on their own violation to not have to deal with their shitty life and the Go-Home Club has destroyed that happiness.

Who are they to destroy others happiness?

Who cares if the others are arrogant or whatever, the absolute arrogance of the Go-Home Club that others should go back to being down trodden and miserable so that they can escape happiness and go back to reality is shitty as hell.

Funny really. The only episode I’ve enjoyed so far is one about the people we’re not meant to like because I feel it gave more character development to them then it ever gave to the “good guys” and made you really feel bad for them.

I also get why IkeP hated Izuru so much. Like all he wanted was all the attention in the world whilst Izuru doesn’t want it at all so when all of IkeP’s attention is taken and put on Izuru of course he’s going to be pissed and then Izuru doesn’t try and talk to IkeP at all so he just pisses off a hot head even more.

I’m totally on the Musician’s side right now.

Kinda would like to know more about Izuru though.



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