Week 30 : Why are humans so fascinated by mass murderers if their actions are universally considered evil and vile?

I decided to take this one up because I’m that kind of person that likes to watch documentaries on murderers and follow Sub Reddits like Unresolved Mysteries out of pretty much morbid curiosity.

Thing is I’m not really a violent person either, the thought of really hurting someone even just with words is difficult for me. I don’t go out of my way to hurt other people in any capacity.

Therefore the thought that people could go out there and do things that they do is crazy to me.

I watch the documentaries and read about them hoping to understand them. Its like it isn’t real, maybe part of that is because I’ve not ever been involved in something like that in any way shape or form, reading what they’ve done I just can’t imagine a human wanting to do those things.

Some of the people, and I’m not just talking mass murderers here, when you listen to tapes of them talking or watch them in interviews its just scary thinking that they can look so normal and do such horrible things. To them its just normal behaviour too. Like to some of them its the same kind of urge like I get for chicken pasta salad or pizza. Instead of getting a craving for food and going to blow money on that they go out and murder or rape people. Some of them don’t even understand they’ve done something wrong SOME of them think they’ve done something GOOD.

Again its morbid curiosity though. Like a freak show of some sort. Seeing someone so twisted and non-human and trying to figure out if you’d be able to spot them in the street or understand what they are doing.

Not only that some people just like the how they were caught kind of stuff. Like Gacey, he hid bodies under his house and yet it took so long to capture him. How?! How did that happen? Like I worry if I drop litter on the floor the police are going to be all up in my grill within seconds yet he got away with murdering all those people and hid them UNDER HIS OWN HOME! How does a human even come up with the idea to murder someone and bury their body under their own home?

I’ve been so happy to find out I’m not the only person in the world that watches this stuff and gets all caught up in it. I was starting to worry about myself but apparently A LOT of people do.


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