My Week as a Playlist Week 29

So this week I’m doing something different because… Well my week has consisted of writing anime reviews and being ill with a few days of work at either end of the week. So I’m gonna go back in time and talk about 4… MAYBE a few more songs from my teenage years and why they’ve stuck with me.

Like this might be a mega playlist.

You’re welcome.

Crawling – Linkin’ Park

I think most people my age will have a Linkin’ Park song that means a lot to them and for me its a toss up between this and Papercut but I’ve picked this one.

With the sad death of Chester Bennington it kind of made sense to me why I liked so much of their work as I’ve suffered from depression and suicidal tendency’s since I was a teenager and they were one of the bands I’d listen to when I was down as a teenager.

Crawling is one of my favourites by far and I couldn’t really tell you why. I just love it.

Teenage Dirtybag – Wheatus

Now this is one hell of a song. I was in a nightclub here in Plymouth in like April and this song came on and no word of a lie EVERYONE was singing along. It was just a song that everyone loved when I was growing up, I did like other songs the band did even if they never really got played as much, and its one that people still love to sing along too. I mean its just a brilliant song ain’t it?

Clown – Korn

I was a huge fan of Korn, I don’t really know why, I owned two hoodies growing up one was a Slipknot one the other a Korn one. I just loved the band. Clown for some reason is one of my absolute favourite songs of all time, I just loved how creepy it was as a kid.

To be fair I was a pretty angry kid and I remember this being something I’d listen to a lot when I was angry, it was just loud and something I could listen to and scream at.

Rockshow – Blink 182

I could honestly pick any Blink song because I loved them growing up and all of them either were part of my soundtrack as a kid or meant something to me. Rockshow is one I just listen to nearly every day still, I don’t know why I like it so much but I do and its one of the only songs other then ones by Weezer, Bowling For Soup or Reel Big Fish that I know all the words too.

Like I honestly listen to it on a daily basis. I mean I could have picked one of their bigger songs but I can go months without hearing them, a day doesn’t feel like a real day until I’ve belted out Rockshow at least once.

Dressed to Kill – New Found Glory

Of all their songs Dressed to Kill was always a favourite of mine. Its probably the tune, its one I get stuck in my head to this day for no reason whatsoever. I mean I’m also a big fan of My Friends Over You but this one is just my absolute favourite.

It was also probably the first song I heard of theirs too thinking about it…

I don’t even think the lyrics would have meant much to me as a kid because I never had anyone so it wasn’t like it would have had a emotional attachment, I just loved it though so much.

Nothing – A

Another song that I loved because it sounded angry and I could be angry to it. I didn’t have a good up bringing, my dad was violent and emotionally abusive and I was picked on so much at school as I said I was seriously depressed and suicidal from a very young age because of it. This is one of those songs that I’d have on a CD that I’d burnt (yeah I did that as a kid) and would listen to somewhere hidden away at school and cry.

I preferred Starbucks but this one actually meant more to me.

Heaven is a Halfpipe – OPM

ANOTHER anthem of our childhood, another one that people of all ages STILL know the entire thing off by heart. I would have liked to be a skater growing up but never had any money and was never gonna be getting a skateboard so just lived the life through song I guess.

Engel – Rammstein

Always loved Rammstein, have all their albums AND their DVDs. I could go on for hours and hours about how much I love their music without knowing a single thing that they are singing about BUT Engel was always my favourite just because of the whistle-y bit in it. I can’t whistle but any time I try and whistle that is the tune I try and whistle.

Plus its such a super cool music video. My favourite band member is Schneider and he’s like super cute in this one.

Though the wolf Schneider is probably my absolute favourite…. And I loved the video for Pussy because it made me laugh so much, his face!

Buddy Holly – Weezer

I adore Weezer.

I can’t even tell you how much I love them.

They are like my absolute favourite band. Rivers Cuomo was one of my first crushes as a kid (OMG my type lives today, though as I grew older I kinda shifted to Brian) and their music always cheered me up and most of their songs spoke volumes to me.

Buddy Holly was just one of my all time favourite songs and music videos. I don’t even like…. Whatever TV show, was it Happy Days?, that the video was based on but I just loved it.

It was also directed by Spike Jonze who is one of my favourite people in the world. So you know. I loved it.

My Sacrifice – Creed

This might be more of a wrestling thing then anything else but WWE back in the day kind of overdid the whole My Sacrifice thing and you ended up listening to it a million times a week if you listened to the kind of music channels I did AND WWE.

It was a great song though and the video was a epic. I mean not many music videos compare. I looked forward MORE to seeing the music video then anything else.

I have a soft spot for Creed in general though, I owned their albums and I think I picked this song other then One Last Breath because of the WWE connection to it. One Last Breath is probably my favourite Creed song.

The Anthem – Good Charlotte

Of all their songs I just think this one was the best if I’m honest. It also kind of was a anthem for me at least. I had all their albums as a kid and really loved them, don’t really know why but I just did.

It is the only one of their songs I still listen to.

Sell Out – Reel Big Fish

Who doesn’t love a bit of Reel Big Fish? I think Sell Out is their best song but I do love all of them. It was the first song I heard of theirs and I loved the video for it, it was my first ska punk band I got into and yeah. It was just fun. Like I love all their stuff too but this is by far my favourite.

High School Never Ends – Bowling For Soup

The only band in this list I’ve seen live. AND I’ve seen them twice because I love them so much. High School Never Ends is one of my favourite songs purely because its fucking true and boy do you learn that every once in a while when you’ve “grown up”. The gossiping, the drama, the rumours and the rest of it. Its like working with children when actually you are all adults.

Plus you still get stereotyped and end up, if you are a loser like me, pretending to be someone you ain’t so that people will like you. Meh.

I could have picked any of their songs to be honest. Theses guys, Weezer and Rammstein are probably my favourite bands of all time along with… Dare I say it… Take That!


I don’t know how many are there but I got bored thinking about it and gave up. I’ll have this as Part 1 of something I’ll probably come back to and as most of these are mainstream/well known bands I guess the part 2 COULD very well be more obscure then this one.

Given up making excuses for why I need to make up stupid reasons for this blog. My life has just been pretty boring and I’ve decided not to talk about overtly dramatic things in it so right now… I guess that might be a good thing?

Or maybe I just need Spotify to send me more cheerful music?

ALSO there is one band that was like my absolute go to band growing up, and if you liked them you know who I’m talking about when I say this, whilst they were never my favourite some of their earliest stuff was like… I dunno it was so important to me as a young teenager who had no one or nothing, no safe place or anything like that. I don’t really want to write about them though because their lead singer ended up being a scum bag and whilst the rest of the band have nothing to do with it I’ve literally not been able to listen to them since it all came out about what he did which sucks because it was such a huge part of my life and helped me through some of my worst times.


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