Overlord III : A Ruler’s Melancholy

Chapter 1

“Rūrā no Yūutsu” (支配者の憂鬱)

So Overlord is back with its third season and whilst I didn’t enjoy season two as much I have high hopes for this one.


It went straight back to everything I liked about season one. The inner monologue with Ainz, the group being together and it being focused on them and him instead of people away from the main group. It was fun and had all the fantasy stuff you want.

I loved it. I really thought it was a great episode.

Liked getting to see some of the characters just relaxed, loved the undertone of sex jokes, Albedo being a virgin was hilarious and later just pouncing on Ainz had me in fits of laughter. The bath scene right at the end too as well as Demiurge’s guy doing the research into inter spieces relationships makes me wonder if there is going to be something between Albedo and Ainz this season…

Either way I don’t care because it was well written and played out perfectly and I loved the episode so much.

There wasn’t much to it to be honest which didn’t really matter. It was bringing back characters we’ve already got to know and having a bit of a break from some very big stories just to have them relax before the next big story. It was nice to just chill with everyone, meet some new faces as well as see the dynamics between the group where they are right now.

To be honest I’ve forgotten some of the big things from the end of the last season anyway so its going to take me a minute to get back up to date with everything so a fun little episode is the best way to do that.

After the Lizard Men anything is going to make me happy to be honest.


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