Island : We Meet Again

Stage 1

“Mata Aeta ne Anata to” (またあえたねあなたと)

There were a lot of things we wanted to watch this season that sounded just OK and Island was one of them. It was based on a Visual Novel which I didn’t think about until the show actually started but I was hoping it would be, honestly, not what it was.

I say this because I have to review Persona 5 and whilst I love Persona 5 and can see the interesting story behind it my main gripe has always been that its done nothing to warrant being a anime show. Its just thrown a load of the game onto our screens without making us care.

Island does that even more.

Whilst Persona has its moments Island is pretty much a dating sim thrown onto our screens with no real attempt at fleshing out the main story. I say this because there seems to be a interesting story buried deep within it all but all we’ve got is the cut scenes introducing the, underage by the sound of them, dating options for the main character Setsuna.

Thing is Setsuna’s story, away from the girls, is pretty interesting. He doesn’t really know who he is, its Rinne one of the girls that names him, but he’s pretty sure that he is from the future and is actually here in the past to kill someone called Setsuna.

Yes it was that confusing.

Those moments though made you want to watch on, it made you want to know what the whole island is about and why this guy would be sent back to kill anyone.

Even the girls themselves away from the acting weird around Setsuna in true VN style are pretty interesting as characters. There just isn’t enough there other then the VN stuff. They do dippy things to end up in compromising positions or to flirt, they don’t really seem to have much actual meaning to the story itself.

Therefore this series could go one of two ways.

It could be really rather good or it could be a whole bunch of shit.

I’m willing to see which it turns out as.


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